Teething Tips and Tricks


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As I always say, no two babies are alike and my twins are certainly no exception. My little girl nearly has all her baby teeth already whereas my little boy still only has four teeth total. Thus, teething time at our house seems to be a long lasting (and admittedly unwelcome) visitor.

While sadly there is no complete cure for teething pain, I have developed a few tips and tricks to share, hopefully they help your little ones pain level and your sanity!

Chewlery beads! These are AMAZING especially for car rides! A dear friend made these for the twins and they love them!

I recommend them so much more than the traditional teething toys which cannot usually reach the proper spots and my babies also seemed to lose interest with them quickly.

I particularly love that I can clip them to their car seat straps so they don’t fall to the floor and my babies love that they can position the beads so they get relief for incoming molars.


Wet washcloths, toothbrushes and Boiron Camilia drops. I’m not going to lie, I looooved the Hylands teething tablets and miss them terribly. Yes, I know I can make them myself but this mama just ain’t got time for that.

However, these drops do make a difference and are super helpful before bedtime! They also love sucking and chewing on wet washcloths. Cold is typically recommended for teething pain but mine aren’t a fan of ice so we do room temperature cloths. They absolutely love chewing on tooth brushes! We are religious about tooth brushing in this house so after we brush they get to chew on the brush for a bit. They love it so much I dedicated a couple old brushes to ‘chew brushes’.

Peeled carrots! Again, mine don’t love the cold stuff but they enjoy gnawing on large chunks of chilled carrot!





Amber teething necklaces and Copaiba drops! I know there is no scientific evidence of amber helping BUT supposedly the succinic acid slowly absorbs into their skin and reduces inflammation, and I know it helps my little guys somehow, I see a difference when they don’t wear the necklaces.


I also have loved using Copaiba on their gums, it makes a huge difference! (Click here to learn more about why I chose to use essential oils for my family!) Copaiba works as an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. I personally dilute it with warm coconut oil before applying to gums, they don’t mind it that way and it works beautifully. (They’re not so fond of it plain but don’t mind it a bit with the coconut, and also did you know coconut oil is good for our teeth?! More on that later!).

Lastly, in the spirit of honesty, I do recommend baby Tylenol when the going gets unbearably tough. (Pictured is children’s Tylenol for ages 2+) No, I do not like using stuff like this and do not advocate using it except when really necessary. However, babies don’t need to be pain heros and if a dose of Tylenol once in a blue moon helps, I say do it.


What do you do to do help relieve teething pain?! Share your tips below! (One can never have too many teething tips!)