BestLife4Pets Natural Pet Supplements

I’d like to say a big thank you to BestLife4Pets for sending me these products to review and share with you! We really love them and know you will too for your furbabies!

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Introducing The Atom Brick-Collaboration with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

I am excited to share that I recently was given the opportunity to try out the new collaboration between the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and The Atom Brick, a company seeking to inspire today’s builders to create the world around them through interconnecting bricks (similar to LEGOs) thus launching three building kits of Frank Llyod Wright’s most iconic structures; Taliesin WestDarwin D. Martin House and Unity Temple . 
Click below to watch a short video about our experience with The Atom Brick and continue reading for more information on these building kits!

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The Twins Introduce the Warm Pals from @1i4group!

I’ve been hunting for the perfect bedtime cuddle pals for my little ones, I wanted to be able to warm them up and have them be cute, soft, and play friendly. I found the adorable line made by 4i1 Group and am so excited we get to introduce them to you today! Watch the video below and the twins will tell you all about these darling Warm Pals and why they love them! Thank you to 4i1 Group for giving us the opportunity to share about these darling little cuddle pals! We are BIG fans! <3 Check them out by clicking here: Warm Pals

Lollipop Baby Camera-Installation, Setup and Review

Thank you SO much to Lollipop Baby Camera for giving me the opportunity to review and feature their fantastic monitor system!

Check out my video tutorial and review below and then keep reading for all the Lollipop Baby Camera stats and why I love it!

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DERMA-E Skincare Review!

I received product in exchange for this post, but my husband AND I have used DERMA-E for yearrsssss and I jumped at the chance to share about their amazing and ethical products and company!

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TushBaby Carrier Review and Tutorial

I recently was given the opportunity to review the TushBaby carrier and am honestly so excited to share about it with you today! I fully admit I was skeptical, like, how useful could this thing be, right? Turns out, it’s freakin amazing. I am personally shocked how much I use it! The TushBaby carrier is a compact, stylish and easy to use carrier that saves your back and hips from strain, is comfy for you and baby and can carry a shocking amount of STUFF! Because, we all know, as parents you don’t leave the house without stuff! Keep scrolling to check out pictures of it in action and to see my video review and tutorial! Click here or any picture to shop and learn more about the TushBaby carrier! Use code happy20 for 20% off your own TushBaby! Continue reading TushBaby Carrier Review and Tutorial

PinkBlush Review and Revamping my Closet

Sponsored post, but as always, I only share things I love and give my honest opinions every time!

I have recently realized two things:

  1. It seems that I will be nursing indefinitely.
  2. My wardrobe…had become pitiful, one might even say pathetic. I have been desperately needing to revamp my closet and am THRILLED to be partnering with PinkBlush as I do so! (but like literally, anybody else still have t-shirts and leggings from high school?! Just me?! Please say it’s not just me! Haha!)

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Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra

As I’ve been breastfeeding for nearly four years, I have definitely had the time to find what I do and don’t like, and the things I do really need to support myself as I nourish my children. A good bra is a non-negotiable! All three of my children have been solely breastfed and I have pumped and donated (and still do!) so it is important to me that my bra can both be used as a pumping bra and easy to use to breastfeed (ain’t no mama got time to be changing bras through the day!). Today I am featuring the Ollie Gray Everywhere Bra in The Bitsy patternShop Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra and use code Olliegraybras10 for 10% off (valid until end of October)!! Read on for closeups and info!

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Honest Review of Your Tea’s Fertility Tea-Traditional Chinese Medicine

Before I begin, I want to say that working with Your Tea has been a most healing, incredible experience. I rarely see such genuine love and care as I have seen in their company. I have always believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but honestly it has been very difficult to utilize in my lifestyle. I barely have time to brush my hair most days let alone go through a series of steps to brew complicated teas. Your Tea has taken the ancient and time proven healing abilities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, modernized it and made it accessible for every type of lifestyle. A simple teabag twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. And, it’s DELICIOUS. Yes, it is. I also want to share my incredibly personal experience I had taking it, please click here to watch my video all about it and continue reading for more information about Your Tea and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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BloomsyBox Flower Subscription Service!

Do you love flowers? Funny story, I didn’t used to. (I know! But they always died so quickly and cost so much!) But now, now I LOVE them! Having fresh flowers sitting around the house just makes me feel special and brightens my mood! I still want them to last and be affordable AND that is partly why I am ever so excited to partner with Bloomsybox! I am SO impressed with their gorgeous blooms and company ethics! Here’s a few reasons why:

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