TushBaby Carrier Review and Tutorial

I recently was given the opportunity to review the TushBaby carrier and am honestly so excited to share about it with you today! I fully admit I was skeptical, like, how useful could this thing be, right? Turns out, it’s freakin amazing. I am personally shocked how much I use it! The TushBaby carrier is a compact, stylish and easy to use carrier that saves your back and hips from strain, is comfy for you and baby and can carry a shocking amount of STUFF! Because, we all know, as parents you don’t leave the house without stuff! Keep scrolling to check out pictures of it in action and to see my video review and tutorial! Click here or any picture to shop and learn more about the TushBaby carrier! Use code happy20 for 20% off your own TushBaby!

Behold, SO. MANY. POCKETS. I can do errands and take walks and pack everything the three kids and I need in this carrier! It even has a toy loop! The seat is super comfy and anti-slip, and the entire carrier easily folds up into the tiniest package!

Charlie LOVES IT. He does NOT always want to be strapped into a carrier but he ALWAYS wants held. This is such a fantastic solution!

It’s super easy to adjust, has TWO safeguards for the waist strap, and comfy for me and baby.

They come in a wide variety of prints and patterns too! As you can see, we chose the leopard. It’s super cute!

As you can see, we are pretty obsessed with it! Click here or any picture to shop the TushBaby carrier and learn more!

Thank you to TushBaby for giving me the opportunity to review and share about this carrier! We love it!

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