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I have a pretty epic story I am sharing a little later in this post about these birth posters! But first, when The Birth Poster contacted me, I literally fell off my chair I was so excited. I have been obsessed with them for some time and am over. the. moon excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with them (and YES I have a discount code for you too! Use code themamaplaybook10  for 10% off! Only valid until October 5th 2019!) Visit or click any of the following pictures to order yours!

Before I share my story, I want to tell you what exactly The Birth Poster is, because, well, there is truly nothing like it. The Birth Poster is a gorgeous piece of art that is personalized to your newborn’s actual length at birth in a 1:1 scale. Their goal is to honor each child on the day they were born with a beautiful, Scandinavian designed heirloom piece.

Created and founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 by married couple Evelina and Gustav Westman, each Birth Poster is truly unique to your child and honestly, I cry with joy every time I see ours! I will be ordering a birth poster the very day after birth for any future children we may have! Not only because I am truly in love with these pieces and will treasure them all my life and then pass them down to each respective child, but because, well, I’ll let you read my story below if you’d like. 😂

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Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous pieces we received! Now, for my story. When The Birth Poster contacted me, I literally about burst with excitement, and then set to gather the birth stats for each of my kids. I promptly discovered, I DIDN’T KNOW THEM. I completely panicked. I found Charlie’s pretty quickly since I was able to locate his birth announcement post and had thankfully included all the needed information. However, for the twins, I KNEW they were 5 and 6 pounds exactly, but I couldn’t for the LIFE of me remember their length! And no, I hadn’t put that in their announcement post because, well, twin mom brain had already hit. Anyway.  I called every pediatrician we’d ever been to and even my obstetrician I had at the time, NO ONE HAD THE INFO. I called the hospital they were born at, no one answered or called me back.

By this point I was not only feeling horribly embarrassed and like the worst mother ever (thank you to the folks that said “you don’t know their length and time of birth?”) but I was also feeling utterly heartbroken. I was praying like a house afire let me tell you! And, to my complete relief, I found the little name cards from their plastic bassinets at the hospital tucked away in an old nursing info envelope and IT HAD ALL THEIR STATS. 😭 I collapsed in tears and then immediately placed my order! Hence why I will be ordering any future children’s posters immediately after birth. 😂

And truly, they are incredibly beautiful pieces and I couldn’t be more in love! They have so many different options to personalize each piece with!

Use code themamaplaybook10  for 10% off! Only valid until October 5th 2019!) Visit or click any of the following pictures to create yours!

**This is a collaborative post, however, as always, I only share things I love because why would I waste your time with something I didn’t!** <3

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