Five Relaxation Techniques and Healing Butterfly Matcha Tea Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review Healing Butterfly’s amazing matcha teas, and I love them SO MUCH I want to share them with you! They also got me thinking, I could use a few more relaxation techniques in my daily routine! So, I tried a few and want to share my favorites with you in this post as well as why I love Healing Butterfly’s truly incredible teas! Click here to read their personal story and click here to read their wonderful vision! Read on for why I love them so much, the teas I tried and a few of my favorite relaxation techniques! They also gave me a special discount code just for you! Use code MAMAPLAYBOOK15 for a discount on your first order at Healing Butterfly!

Healing Butterfly’s Matcha teas are all non-GMO, 100% vegan, Kosher, gluten-free keto AND paleo, not to mention so delicious!

They have sooo many delicious and healing options! We tried the Pumpkin Spice (made with REAL pumpkin! Yes I am swooning!), Ginger Green Tea Powder, Mint Green Tea, Vanilla Green Tea and Turmeric Hibiscus Golden Milk (my personal favorite! It’s even caffeine free so I can enjoy it at night!)

Healing Butterfly’s teas are made with some of the world’s best superfoods, matcha and turmeric, making them soothing little power house cups of delicious healing!

Ok now for a few of my favorite relaxation techniques!

  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation! My parents actually taught me this technique when I was a child! It utilizes breath focus and muscle relaxation. Identify one part of your body at a time and visualize releasing the tension there while taking long, deep, focused breaths. I like to do this at night before bed!
  2. Breath focus! Take long deep breaths while focusing on releasing your mind from distracting thoughts. Honestly for me I am currently working on that so I imagine some place peaceful in my mind while doing it! Even just a flower helps!
  3. Yoga! I’m not a yogi but I love doing yoga stretching with my littles! It can be a little chaotic with toddlers and an infant but always helps us recenter!
  4. Make a healing cup of tea! This is a new one to my routine after trying Healing Butterfly and it really is such a lovely way to calm myself down on a crazy day or help the tension of the day dissolve away at night!
  5. Take a walk! Sometimes just getting outside and a little exercise can completely turn my day (and the kiddos!) around!

What are some of your favorite relaxation techniques? I would love to know! <3

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