What’s In My Diaper Bag and Review of the Hafmall Diaper Bag

You’d think after having twins I would have mastered the whole diaper bag skill, but it has only been recently that I feel I really have it locked down what I need to take in there every day! Having toddlers and an infant means very different daily needs, Charlie obviously doesn’t need the amount of snacks the twins do, and the twins haven’t needed diapers for some time. I admit that I have been through a few different diaper bags that brought me intense frustration before deciding I love this one! And, I have truly put it to the test. Read on for what I keep in my diaper bag and why I love the Hafmall bag! Click here for my video review!

For Charlie:

Diapers and wetbag for dirty diapers, (we cloth diaper but I always keep some disposables in my bag as well in case of emergencies!) wipes, (you can never have too many baby wipes no matter what age the kiddos!) extra change of clothes (one time I forgot this and it definitely bit me in the butt!). Sippy cup of water, sunhat or knit bonnet depending on the season, sunscreen. Wellements all purpose balm (I use for everything!) and eczema cream. His favorite MAM teethers and a small toy. Snoofybee changing pad, Baby Loovi Swaddle (I am obsessed and so is Charlie) and nenikanopi nursing cover. (because whether or not you cover every time you nurse, trust me I am all about free the nipple, it is wonderful to have the option for shade and to help with a distracted baby! The nenikanopi also converts to a shawl, scarf and car seat cover)

For twins:

Extra pair of underwear each, and depending on the activity ahead if I suspect they’ll get wiped out, an extra set of clothes (something small like leggings or a romper). Water bottles, snacks, sunglasses, sunhats or knit hats depending on the season, sunscreen, bandaids and first aid ointment. A few books or coloring activities. (those little sticker coloring book packages from the dollar store are my fav!)

For me:

Water, snacks, (this breastfeeding mama does not like being hungry!) and lip balm. Sunglasses and billfold.

I try to keep these items in my diaper bag at all times and then I am ready to dash out the door (because, let’s face it, with three kiddos three and under if we are leaving the house I am always dashing!) If we are doing a specific activity, like the pool or splash pad, I will bring our beach bag with any needed extra items.

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What do you keep ready in your diaper bag?


*some links are affiliate, and I was graciously gifted the Hafmall diaper bag, but as always my opinions are my own and I ONLY ever feature what I truly believe you will love also, because why would I waste your time with something you wouldn’t like!**

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