Ten Benefits of Baby Wearing and Review of the Bebefit Carrier

I first started babywearing out of desperation when the twins were newborns. I simply couldn’t walk around constantly holding them both in my arms but they needed to be near mama. It quite literally saved my life, and I quickly fell in love with the ability to have my hands free and soothe and love on my babies at the same time. I knew when Charlie was born I would wear him, and I honestly don’t know how I would handle my toddler twins and him without it! And before I begin, I am not a trained babywearing consultant. I AM a mama who has been babywearing for nearly four years successfully and as always, I simply share here what has helped me and my babies.

I recently was given the opportunity to test out the Bebefit carrier, and I LOVE IT. I am admittedly a hard sell for carriers, I don’t want them to be overly complicated and confusing or have a ton of gussets and straps. I want to be able to pop it on and go, I want my baby to be comfortable AND me, and I want it to be ergonomic for both of us. Click here to watch my brief video review and tutorial of the Bebefit carrier. Read on for five of my favorite benefits of babywearing (besides the obvious convenience!)

  1. Bonding and security for mama and baby/toddler! Our primal, mammalian instinct when born is to cling to our mother. This is for SURVIVAL. While most of us do not wander through the prairies fending lions off from our young, that instinct still remains. Babies feel safer when by their mamas.
  2. Better sleep! That feeling of security leads to better naps, which of course leads to happier babies!
  3. Stabilized temperature and heart rate! Wearing your baby close to you mimics that skin to skin contact so highly recommended for newborns and can help stabilize their temperature and heart rate!
  4. Reduce colic! Babywearing can reduce crying which in turn can help relieve colic symptoms!
  5. It helps reduce plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). When infants are constantly on their backs in cribs, pack and plays, baby swings, etc, it can cause flat head syndrome. Spending more time in a carrier helps eliminate that!
  6. Encourages cognitive and social development! In babywearing, your little one has the opportunity to be more socially engaged, both with their surroundings and you. Language skills get a boost from hearing you talk to others, to them, and even to yourself! They will experience walking sensations when you move, and also experience stimulation from all the different scenery and places you go!
  7. Babywearing mimics how it felt in your belly! Our babies are in our bellies for nine (ten!) months! They become used to our heartbeats, breathing and other bodily rhythmic noises as well as the motion of our movement.

  8. Easier quality time with older siblings! Babywearing leaves your hands more free to engage with older children! Walks, art, and other activities are ever so much easier when baby is included via a carrier!

  9. Better weight gain! If you’re breastfeeding, having your infant in close proximity to your body means they can, quite literally, smell your milk and it can inspire their appetite. If you’re bottle-feeding, they are still stimulated by your smell and might eat better due to feeling more soothed.
  10. More freedom for mama. Having my hands free means I can still cook dinner, grocery shop, and even brush my hair occassionally. Ha!


Do you babywear? If so, what are some of your favorite things about it?


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