5 Easy Tips for Supporting Lactation and Boosting Milk Supply

I would like to start this post by stating that I am not a trained lactation consultant. I am a mama who breastfed twins for nearly three years, donated over 13 gallons of milk while breastfeeding them and am currently breastfeeding my six month old son as well as donating milk on a weekly basis. These are simply tips that have helped (and continue to help!) me in my breastfeeding journey. Lastly, any companies I share in this post were carefully chosen by ME for what they stand for and the effects their products have had in my life personally.

  1. Hydrate! I ALWAYS drink a full bottle of water immediately when I get up in the morning before anything else. After I nurse or pump, I drink a second one. I try to drink a minimum of 80 oz a day. This year, I learned about Liquid IV, an electrolyte hydration multiplier that you can simply toss into your diaper bag and add to your water bottle at any time. I always take at least one packet with me wherever we go! The difference in my milk production when I am hydrated is incredible! Click here to check them out and use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK for 20% off their entire site and free shipping! (they’re also an amazing company with a fantastic cause to eradicate world dehydration, which is why I partnered with them in the first place, and then I fell in love with their products and how it supports my breastfeeding!)
  2. Oats! I don’t know what it is about oats but wow do they help! Oatmeal, peanut butter oat balls, oatmeal cookies, anything with oats! I will notice a difference the very next day when I eat a bunch of oats.
  3. Power pumping or cluster feeding! Power pumping for me means ten minutes on ten minutes off for 60 minutes. Cluster feeding is basically letting your baby nurse as continuously as possible. Breastmilk production is supply and demand. If your boobs are constantly getting drained it will send the signal to your body to produce more. Our breasts are never fully empty, but make certain to pump (or nurse) until you feel as if they are. If you’re pumping, a GOOD pump (I personally love Medela) correctly sized flanges (also known as breast shields, click here for help choosing which size) and Beaugen breastfeeding cushions are CRUCIAL. What are breastfeeding cushions?! That was my question! They are amazing little cushions that you actually put into your pump flanges and make SUCH a difference in comfort and milk production while pumping! (See pic below!) I am a HUGE fan! They also eliminate the need for lubrication and are helpful for when you are between flange sizes! I wish I had these when I was pumping and storing milk with the twins! Now that I have them, I will never go back! Order them here and use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK for 15% off your first subscription order. They are seriously a game changer!
  4. A good postnatal vitamin! (NOT a prenatal and NOT a galactagogue) Galactagogues are substances that directly increase lactation. Use those with caution! I barely escaped mastitis when I first started nursing the twins because I was so terrified that I wouldn’t produce enough that I took galactagogues. Postnatal vitamins support lactation by replacing crucial vitamins and minerals that are naturally depleted in your body while breastfeeding. This is my favorite postnatal.
  5. Try to not stress about it. Now when I say that, don’t start stressing about not stressing! If you’re stressing, try to do something that will take your mind off of it. Remember, your body is designed to do this. Sometimes there are medical issues but those are the exception. We literally have boobs so we can feed babies!

I hope these tips help you as they have helped me! And remember, truly, you got this mama.

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