Snacktime with Oogie’s Popcorn!

First of all I have a confession: my family and I have been Oogie’s popcorn fans for yearsssss. So, when I got the chance to collab with them I totally took it! And I mean, there are quite a few reasons (besides how undeniably delicious it is) that Oogie’s popcorn has a place in my heart. Created by a musician, and made in the mountains of Colorado, non-GMO, gluten-free and truly packed with flavor, it really is a fantastic product. I love that I don’t have to feel guilty when my kiddos snarf down an entire bowl (which trust me, getting these pics was challenging because I had to shoot fast before they’d eaten it all!). And have you ever popped open a nice fresh bag of delicious looking popcorn, expecting zing and dazzle, and it’s, bland? That absolutely will not happen with Oogie‘s. They truly pack these bags with flavor. Best popcorn ever!


Oogie’s bags come in six different flavors: Movie Time Butter Popcorn, Wisconsin Cheddar 1848, Original Kettle Corn, Hickory Smoked Gouda, Caramel Chipotle and Spicy Nacho Cheddar, and yes, we love them all, but my kiddos absolute favorites are Original Kettle Corn and Wisconsin Cheddar 1848. I’ll eat any of them, and frankly am just happy when there’s some left for me to eat! You can purchase them as a set of six (choose whether to get all six flavors or two each of three) or purchase the bags individually.



They also sell these flavors as seasonings to be used in any creative way you choose (baked potatoes, salads, eggs, pastas, soups, etc!).


Which flavor will you try first?!


And I mean, Oogie’s is for everyone! 😉


**I received product in exchange for this review, however, as always all opinions are my own**


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