Best Home Food Delivery Service-Home Chef Neapolitan Pizza Margherita Review

**This review is paid for and sponsored by Home Chef, however as always all opinions are my own**

I was very excited when Home Chef approached me to conduct an honest review of their food delivery service. I am passionate about good food for my family but in complete honesty, taking the time to both shop for groceries and cook can seem nearly impossible (ok some days it just is impossible!). Please enjoy the video of our wonderful and delicious experience with Home Chef and then scroll down for an AMAZING discount offer they made available exclusively for my readers! (And by the way, it’s already incredibly affordable to begin with!)




Why You Will Love Home Chef (and a fantastic discount!)

It not only arrives fresh at your door, (as in, you can be in your pajamas!!) it arrives PRE MEASURED. Literally just open the packages and go!


It comes with a fantastic collectable binder with step by step pictured directions for each recipe! You not only can skip the grocery store, you don’t even have to figure out what to make! (and yes, it is DELICIOUS and kid friendly!)


I mean, just LOOK at all that beautiful fresh food! It literally comes with EVERYTHING you need! No forgetting one key ingredient anymore! All you do is specify your food preferences/allergies and they send meals custom fit for your family straight to your door! Ingredients, recipe, everything! SO EASY.

Within about 25 minutes, our picture perfect meal was ready! Minimal cleanup, SUPER easy, and parent and kid approved! And it really does turn out looking like the beautiful picture in the recipe book! Our favorite benefit to this service was not only how much it simplified our lives (no frantic grocery run after work) but opened up so much time for us to spend with our children and together!

Ready to try it?! Click HERE for $30 off your first order! (your discount is actually already pre-loaded so no need to do anything but click that link!) Should you have any issues, your special code is MAMA and can be entered at checkout! (And again, this service is already remarkably affordable! I was amazed!)


Don’t forget to let us know what you thought! CHEERS! And buon appetito!

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