Blog Relaunch!

Happy Sunday beauties! As I sit writing this, there’s a chocolate cake in the oven, my kiddos are watching a movie and snacking on these amazing non-GMO GF pringle-like chips my mom found, and I’m scarfing down these equally amazing GF macaroons we also found at Costco like a starving Amazonian woman. (I am admittedly a total stick in the mud for screen time and restrict it like crazy but Sundays are our chosen day for morning shows and a movie in the afternoon and do we ever enjoy it!). Sounds pretty peaceful and idyllic, right? And it is, at this moment. This past week…not so much. Which leads me to the reason for this post…

As you know, my hubby is in his first year of medical school. I shared a while back a little about my personal journey I am on to thrive not just survive in this life, our home reorganization (which has been full steam ahead underway as much as is possible with a hubby who’s gone so much! Updates on that are still coming, just slowly!) and I also shared a little about how hard it can be to be a working mommy with a hubby in med school (or a wife or mommy at all for that matter!) but I haven’t shared much about it since. Events of the past week led me to try and find avenues of support for wives whose husbands are in medical school, and while I found a handful of sources, I was actually shocked at how little is available. I’m literally on the waitlist for one support group with zero clue when I’m getting in, and it will be wonderful when I do, but as it is I needed help this week not just later.

And I mean I’m pretty sure I’m one of many ladies in this position, and by this position I mean anyone whose husband has such extreme commitments and pulls on their time. My husband is an incredible man, he’s a loving devoted father and loyal affectionate husband. But the facts are that right now, and for years down the road, he has another woman in his life, and that woman is medical school. And wow, is she ever selfish, relentless and demanding. Our marriage and family will continue to require extra effort so that we not only thrive, but make it through this alive, and together. We cannot afford to “get comfortable” and not do the work (really, no one can).

So, as you also know, I’ve been in the process of giving The Mama Playbook a complete overhaul/facelift and I’ve decided in the light of recent events I’m going to actually relaunch this blog. It will still be a motherhood lifestyle blog, but I will be sharing way more about our life as a medical school family, (the good, bad, ugly and beautiful!) and my personal journey as a med student wife/twin mom who for the first time in her life is also pursuing a career in beauty and fashion (and what exactly that means for me personally). I am excited to share how we have redone our home, our lives, and really everything about our journey.

I have hesitated in the past to go down such a specific path for this blog, and have indeed spent time in prayer and deep consideration as to what direction exactly I DID want to go with it. But, I know without doubt this is the direction God is leading me in, and while I will admit I’m terrified to share, I am also really excited.

In honor of my relaunch, (stay tuned for the specific dates!) I will be having a week of celebration and special events, giveaways, special guest features, and more!

Please join me, my heart and prayer is that this blog will continue to be a source of community and support for all mamas but will also focus on mamas with husbands who have very demanding careers. Stay tuned as I will be announcing the actual relaunch celebration dates soon!



ILY Blanket Scarf and Discount Code for

***I received discounted material for this review however as always all opinions are my own**

I’ve been really wanting a new blanket scarf, and so I was very excited when I was contacted by Jewelry Bean on Instagram to check out their website, Ordering was super easy (the only hard part was choosing a color, I chose this one). Their products are super budget friendly, and I loved reading their story. I am thrilled to report it’s soft, cozy, beautiful and I will be wearing it ALL the time! They have so many cute options, including hats and accessories! Click here to shop and use code ROBIN20 for 20% off your order!

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Thrifty Chic Mama Express-Fall 2017 Casual Everyday Look

Happy FRIDAY mamas! And welcome to the first Thrifty Chic Mama Express fashion post! First of all a HUGE shoutout to my own mama for her mad photography skills, thanks to her I have photos to feature in this post!


Today I’m going to share a simple fall look I gathered from the thrift store as well as a super easy daytime fall makeup look. My goal is to help you build a very affordable and versatile collection of clothing and makeup items that you can use a myriad of different ways. I will give you a list of items to search for with every outfit I’m calling it the Thrift Map, and a list of makeup items I’ll call the Beauty Map. We will reuse items very frequently! (But we will be the only ones who know that!) For your ease of use, I will provide a Thrift Map and Beauty Map for every single outfit/look, of course if you already own any of those items from before or a previous Thrifty Chic outfit, no need to purchase again! (Unless you want to, and especially since we are thrifting here, go for it!) And, one of the wonderful things about thrifting is, you can be completely on trend while simultaneously having a personalized one of a kind outfit.

One of my favorite aspects of fall clothing is the layers! Ahhhh the wonderful cozy layers! This outfit was super easy to piece together and I am excited to show you in the coming weeks how many different ways we can use the pieces!

Thrift Map!

(Pro tip: screen shot this list for easy access at the thrift store!)

-Comfy, light colored straight leg stretch jeans (it took me a couple trips to find my perfect pair, don’t despair if you don’t see your dream jeans the first trip!) Stay away from bootlegs and jeans with no pockets, those are often yuck on the butt! Make sure you get them long enough!

-White or light colored tank top, long (simply size up for an easy longer style!)

-Light colored, long sleeved over sized scoop neck t shirt (I went up two sizes for this one, if you wear a small, go large!)

-over sized dark colored cotton jacket (hint: if you’re having trouble finding this style of jacket, go to the men’s section and size down one!)

-multi colored large cotton or linen scarf (try to find one that has a small bit of the t shirt color you chose in it!)

-tall black boots. There are always gads of these in thrift shops! Pick comfortable ones!

Pair with this under ten minute fall makeup look and you’re ready to grab coffee or groceries in confidence, (or even an impromptu glass of wine!)

(PS..the video is slightly longer than ten minutes due to me explaining everything, fear not, this look will take you under ten minutes to complete!)

Easy Daytime Fall Makeup Look

(Beauty Map listed below!)

Beauty Map

(I will be utilizing the products that got me started on this fun adventure, click here to visit my VIP group and message me with questions or if you need any products or just fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you right away! xo! <3 )

MakeSense Foundation (I used Porcelain shade)

Berry toned Lip Color (I used Lexie Bear-y)

Black LashSense Mascara

Glossy Gloss or Matte Gloss (I used Glossy but matte is very in right now as well!)

Fall Fashion Finds from Zulily

**Disclaimer: Sponsored Post, however all opinions are, as always, my very own!**

It’s almost fall ya’ll and I am SO EXCITED about that! This year I’m hitting up Zulily for some new fall wardrobe items for my littles (and myself!!)

Check out a few examples my fall baby fashion finds this week! Hurry, some expire in 24 hours! (but don’t worry if you missed it, there are always more things to find!)

Baby Leggings. For girls AND boys. Pair with a sweater and you’re set!

I love this totally gender neutral sweater!

 You guys,THIS HAT

I am so getting both of my little ones these jammies! Oh my heart!

Shop my Zulily Finds!