Tulle Skirt and Knit Shirts

Not going to lie, I’ve been hard core crushing on tulle skirts lately and since I’m on this journey to thriving (read my post on choosing abundance here) I decided I need one, so I was seriously excited to find this one at Target for $22.99! And these knit tops, ahhh I’m never taking them off! Kids beyond adorable outfits are thrift finds from a dear friend. I included some picture outtakes because, #twinlife, and I’m all about keeping it real with y’all!

Tulle Skirt: click here

Knit tops: click here

Video below of a live get ready with me tutorial I did recently showcasing a few of my new favorite things. Happy Sunday! xo, Robin

Live video of some very fun new products (diamond lips, sparkling eyes, SO much fun!) and forgive my talking I did it live in my group! (keep scrolling down for the photo shoot outtakes, it’s worth it I promise!)

Aaaand taking pictures in #momlife y’all, it’s a struggle.