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**I received complimentary product for this review however all opinions are my own! As you know I only feature products that I love and deem worthy of your time! Absolutely no retouching was performed on any of the media and photos in this honest review!**




I loved my experience with Smile Brilliant and their custom teeth whitening trays SO MUCH I cannot wait to share it with you! Smile Brilliant has hooked you all up with some seriously exciting treats (including a super awesome giveaway) so we can smile fearlessly together! Make sure to check those out at the bottom of this post!

Please enjoy my video review of my Smile Brilliant experience, and don’t forget to read through to the bottom of this post for a super exciting (and easy to enter!) giveaway!



As you all know, self care as a mama is HARD. Some days (ha! Try most days…) accomplishing things as simple as a shower or mascara seem impossible. So, despite the fact I was becoming increasingly self conscious of the effect my coffee and wine habit were having on my ever dimming smile, I was a little nervous when Smile Brilliant contacted me to do a review. I barely have time to shower right now how in the world was I going to have time to whiten my teeth?!

But, after grimacing in the mirror at my decidedly NOT brilliant smile, and knowing that in no way shape or form was I going to give up my coffee and wine habit (Motherhood ya’ll, a girl needs her survival tools!!!) I decided to go for it. Professional tooth whitening I could do at home in my pajamas with no trip to the dentist?! Add to that Smile Brilliant uses only vegan and cruelty free ingredients and has fantastic teeth whitening reviews and I was intrigued. And to my excitement and surprise, I need not have worried.

From the very beginning this entire process has been SO easy, and has fit into my busy schedule and routine seamlessly! I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica Dorney, and despite this being a complimentary kit, she has treated me with the ultimate best in customer service and been so friendly and accommodating!

The first step after receiving my kit was to make impressions, again, I was a bit nervous but it was simple and painless and, unlike impressions I have had in the past, did NOT make me gag!


After making the impressions, I shipped them off to the lab where they made and returned them to me very quickly. Then it was time to try the whitening regimen!

Again, I was a little nervous, but since Smile Brilliant provides the same professional teeth whitening at home service as if you went to the dentist (yes yes it is! And at a fraction of the cost!) I knew my teeth were in good hands. It was easy to apply and the custom-fitted trays were so comfortable to wear that I even taught my piano classes while wearing them!

I tried the minimum time for the first whitening (45 minutes) and already noticed a difference. I had opted for the sensitive teeth kit, and having experienced no discomfort with the lesser time decided to gradually increase the time over the next few sessions. (I did try it both with and without the sensitivity gel so I could tell you all if it worked, well it did. It made a HUGE difference and I highly recommend it!)

You guys, after only four sessions, (the equivalent of only one of the four tubes of whitening gel!) I looked in the mirror and felt SO much better about myself! Being a mama can make you feel, well, not your personal shining physical best, (dare I say even grungy some days…) The personal lift it gave me to look in the mirror and feel confident in my smile is SO HUGE. I may or may not have greeted my husband at the door grinning like a cheesy Cheshire cat! And yes, he noticed the difference right away!

I LOVE my Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit, affordable, super effective, and easy to use!


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