Limited Edition Magical Diapers from Gracie Diaper

Hello beauties! Today I am so honored to be able to extend a very special invitation to you all on behalf of Gracie Diaper, please join us on a magical journey in this video below and then keep scrolling for more details! <3

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Why I Choose Gracie Diaper-The Best Cloth Diapers

Lovely mamas, I am so incredibly excited to share the latest updates with you on the Gracie Diaper All in One. Every time Grace does another update I am blown away that she made her already perfect diapers even better. Check out the amazing updates and then please enjoy our video below on why I choose Gracie Diaper!

















As you can see, they added additional organic cotton and Zorb to further enhance absorbency. I used to think this was the perfect overnight diaper…but somehow she worked her magic and it is even MORE PERFECT. Literally, NO LEAKING whatsoever. I admit I have started reusing pajamas because they remain COMPLETELY DRY. My babies are soooo happy in these diapers, it melts my heart to see their smiles because they love the prints and are so comfortable!

The snapping system is more efficient and adaptable than ever. Even my twins have very different body types and I am able to adapt each diaper to fit them perfectly.

As always, the stitching is incredibly perfect and the attention to detail is beautiful. And, I used to think Grace had the best prints, but this is a whole new world of adorable prints. Just take all my money now please. Speaking of which, because Grace is amazing she has generously given me a discount code to use for my readers, use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK10 for 10% off! Watch our video below and then click here to shop!

PS…yes! Those are potty trainers in my video! My son started potty training himself very early and if you buy one thing in your life while potty training let it be these potty trainers. They are LIFE CHANGING.

Mom’s Favorites!

Being a mom is awesome, but ya’ll, it needs TOOLS. Not just for your kids either, moms matter too! I have compiled a list of some of my absolute favorite tools below, some are beauty products I am obsessed with, some are household tools that I wouldn’t want to try and survive without, some are kid products that will seriously change your daily life! Make sure to let me know which ones you try out, and as always ask any questions I am an open book!

(Disclaimer: some (not all) of these products if purchased may earn me either commission or brownie points with my favorite sponsoring companies at no additional cost to you!)

Best At Home Teeth Whitening System!

Mom life needs coffee. And coffee stains teeth. (I also think mom life needs wine, which also stains teeth…but I digress). Thankfully I found Smile Brilliant’s dentist approved at home teeth whitening kit, and I truly CAN NOT live without it now! No joke, I would never leave the house again the way my teeth looked before using it! To say I love my results is a drastic understatement. Smile Brilliant’s at home whitening kit literally could not be easier to use, not to mention budget friendly, vegan, and safe for your teeth. When you order, they will send trays for you to easily make your own custom fit impressions. Pop those in the mail and before you know it, your own custom fit whitening trays will arrive ready to go.

The whitening gel comes in ready to use syringes, simply squeeze into your custom whitening trays, (having custom trays made ensures you achieve the best and most even whitening of your teeth!) go about your day for up to three hours and voila, white teeth! I mean, CHECK OUT THOSE RESULTS y’all! I highly recommend using with the desensitizing gel, you’ll never even know you’ve been whitening except that everyone will notice your BRILLIANT smile! Use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK25 for a discount off your tray set! (good for the first 25 purchases!)

(Click here if you want to check out my full review on Smile Brilliant!)

Nail Polish

Ya’ll, I don’t do my nails often but when I do I want it to be cute, the color I want, vegan, clean, and I want it to WORK and last. I’ve been using Mineral Fusion for years and they’ve yet to let me down. They have every color you could want, they’re affordable, sold at Amazon, Whole Foods and King Soopers, I mean really I can’t think of any cons. PS…it dries incredibly fast and despite the abuse I put my hands and feet through is impressively chip resistant.

LipSense and SeneGence Products

We’ve all heard about it. Yep, it’s absolutely worth the hype. If you have a friend that sells it, try it. If you don’t, click on the left to check it out in my group or just comment or message me and I will send you some info cause this mama is rockin’ that and has some for you. (PS…wherever you get it, rest easy, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee;) ).



Grace’s Cloth Diapers

Even if you are not a cloth diapering family, you need this company in your life. (if you are a cloth diapering family, I cannot recommend these highly enough).  Her swim diapers are unmatched, and the cloth potty trainer is a game changer. Not to mention, I have a discount code for you, MAMAROBIN10 for 10% off! (Click pic on the left to shop!)






Hand Held Vacuum

Yes, I know this is an odd thing to put on this list. But mamas, if you don’t have one of these, (or something similar) run run run and go get you one! (Or better yet, order one and you don’t have to leave the house). Hands down my best investment since babies. Like ever. I use it every day around them, under them, (maybe even on them…) This is the exact model I have and it bravely conquers cereal, cat hair, dirt, cheese…you get the point.

Folding Potty Seat

Never be caught without a potty again. This is a LIFESAVER. It fits into your diaper bag or even purse, and is easy to wipe down and pop back into the convenient little zippered bag it comes in. We have this exact model in yellow and it’s been worth every penny a hundred times over.

Speaking of wiping down…Disinfectant wipes!! Don’t leave home without them. Just don’t. These are effective, smell great, and won’t leave more toxins behind than they took away germs.

Baby Wipes

When you need a wipe, you need it to work and not tear or be dry or something even worse, or, well, you’re in a really (ahem) poopy situation. I love this list of mom approved, clean natural wipes from of natural and effective baby wipes!



Best Cloth Diapers! Honest Review and Grand Opening Celebration of Gracie Diaper!

**I received complimentary product from Gracie Diaper for this review however all opinions are my own! As you know I only feature products that I love and deem worthy of your time and that merit my completely honest review!**


As you know, I became a passionate cloth diapering mama after initially thinking it would be too much work with twins, but to my surprise it was less work in many ways (more on that later!). But, one thing I had never found until recently was what I considered to be the perfect cloth diaper brand, and I can truthfully say I have nearly tried them all! Even the most popular brands failed me. They either leaked, fell apart, or weren’t very comfortable for my babies due to bulk or shape. But, I have very exciting news, I have FINALLY found an eco friendly, ethically made cloth diaper that I absolutely love and my babies love. They are effective and really WORK, not to mention they are individually handmade by a company that I am truly proud to support! In honor of their grand opening, allow me to introduce…(drum roll please!) Gracie Diaper!

Alexis Ralston Photography


After initially talking to Grace and learning about her company’s mission to not only make the very best cloth diapers out of the absolute highest quality and eco friendly materials, but to also help military spouses maintain employment despite their frequent relocating, thus helping these families with their limited military budgets and helping them cope with the stress and depression that these families face every day, I was very eager to try her diapers and hoped I would love them as much as I love her company.


Alexis Ralston Photography

Needless to say, I did. In fact, I fell head over heels in love and will never buy another diaper from anywhere else ever again. Please enjoy the video below introducing Grace and her team and a few of my reasons why I love these diapers and am so truly excited to share them with you! (More details about Gracie Diaperan exclusive interview with Grace AND details about her very exciting grand opening specials in my written review below, make sure to check it out!)



I received a pocket diaper, all-in-one diaper, and potty trainer to review from Grace. Since my little ones aren’t potty training yet, I gave the potty trainer to another mama who also has extensive cloth and paper diapering experience and is actively potty training one of her kiddos (I chose someone who I know has very high cloth diapering standards on purpose! More details below but let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint!) Grace also makes custom diapers (see an example of these beauties here). Another aspect I love is that Grace makes diapers in three different sizes, Newborn, 4-10 lbs, Small, 11-18 lbs, and Regular, 19-40 lbs, so you truly get the best fit possible for your baby or toddler.

First I want to talk about the all-in-one (AIO) diaper, isn’t it beautiful?! Like every single Gracie Diaper made, the workmanship is meticulous and you can just see the love it is crafted with. All her diapers are made out of the most incredible earth and baby safe, non toxic, waterproof and vegan PUL. As I shared in my review video, I love the concept and convenience of an AIO, (as does my husband) but this is the first AIO diaper I have ever used that actually WORKS and my son didn’t pee through. As Grace says on her website, “All the good stuff sewn together into one convenient; highly absorbent diaper. The convenience of a disposable with the beauty of cloth; no stuffing and no touching soiled inserts. Preferred most by dads. Made with Zorb and heavy bamboo, and lined with microfleece.” (See more about the Gracie Diaper AIO here).

Next, let’s talk about this adorable and super functional pocket diaper. Again, could it be any cuter?! I am obsessed with all the incredibly cute prints Gracie Diaper offers! This diaper fits better than any other pocket diaper I have ever used, no hindering bulk, easily adjustable snap options and no leakage! It also has the added benefit of the lining being sewn loose at the top so it gets clean super easy when you pop it in the wash which I love! According to, “Waterproof shell; lined with microfleece; with a pocket opening at the back to stuff in your inserts. Newborn and small size comes with one insert; regular size comes with a small and extra large insert.” – See more about the pocket diaper here).

Next up, inserts! I LOOOVE these inserts and thanks to Grace using pre prepped fabrics, they work amazingly right away (as opposed to many liners which you have to wash and dry many time to reach full absorbency). They’re sleek, soft, and SUPER absorbent! Liquid is whisked away from your baby’s bum! Made out of organic cotton, they’re the only liner I want next to my baby’s skin! (See more here).

Last, let’s talk about the trainer. Thanks to this trainer I am actually no longer dreading potty training! According to Brianna who reviewed it for me (make sure to watch her full review in the video above!), it was very easy to use and clean, effective (contained accidents while helping her to track his progress), and her son loved it! (See more in the video up top!) “This little beauty fits slim like a panty/brief; has adjustable side snaps for different size children, and can be pulled up and down! Made with zorb on the inside and lined with microfleece. This trainer is designed to contain small accidents as little one learns to use the potty.”- (See more here).



Check out the exciting new updates to the Gracie Diaper line below!

Just when I thought these diapers simply couldn’t get any better, in her ongoing quest to make the very best diaper, Grace updated a few things to make them even BETTER than before! (I know, I didn’t think it was possible either!)  Look how beautiful! I will be adding more details about these updates, make sure to check back!


Now, what everyone’s been waiting for…info on the Gracie Diaper Grand Opening Festivities! First of all, click here to RSVP to Gracie Diaper’s online grand opening Facebook event so you don’t miss any exciting updates!

Secondly, make sure to enter the fantastic grand opening giveaway, a grow with me set of pocket diapers from newborn to potty training from Gracie Diaper, a handmade newborn wool diaper cover from Lilly’s Dreams and a bottle of mommy and baby essential oil from Poppy and Sage Essentials! Head to Gracie Diaper’s Instagram or Facebook to enter!And the treats keep coming, Gracie Diaper is offering free shipping for orders over $100 and a special, one time use grand opening code for 15% off! Enter code Yay!15 at checkout!

In conclusion, I am truly honored to support Gracie Diaper and SO thrilled to share about them with you!

Please follow Grace on Instagram and Facebook, (just click pics to go directly to her profiles!).

I can NOT wait for you to try these diapers, I just know you will love them as much as I do!

Don’t forget to share your pics and tag Gracie Diaper (or hashtag #graciediaper) to share the fluff love!

Happiest Grand Opening to Gracie Diaper and happy shopping and cloth diapering to all you mamas and daddies!



Exclusive Interview with Grace, Creator of Gracie Diaper!

Will you share what inspired you to start Gracie Diaper?


I first started designing diapers for my own kids because I just couldn’t find quality diapers that worked for us and were within our budget. I decided to attempt selling them in order to cover cost of the material, but they were such a hit with moms that I started building on to my business. At first I was a one-woman show, but now I have an amazing team of ladies standing behind me. God has lain on my heart that this dream is about not only quality diapers but as a way to bring hope to other talented military spouses. I have found something that I am passionate about and helps my family. I am so excited that I can spread that love!

What do you mean by hope for other military spouses?


Being a military spouse is amazing but it also comes with it’s own unique challenges. One of those is finding and keeping a job. Kind of hard to do when you move every three years. The spouses who contract for me can take their work with them wherever they may be stationed in the U.S. Another is the weeks and months of loneliness and anticipation of that next phone call, to being constantly uprooted and replanted. It can take its toll sometimes. I know many of my fellow spouses have dealt with this loneliness and depression; I know I have battled my fair share. When you dig your hands into a project and the end result is both beautiful and functional, it just gives you this uplift in your spirit and a sense of purpose. I love that I have the chance to share this with my fellow spouses and I hope to make a difference in their lives.

You mentioned your mom and grandma taught you to sew, that is so beautiful! I think it is so important to learn from our families, and definitely seems to be a lost art!

My mom and grandma were/are very creative ladies, I learned so much from them growing up, from sewing, to painting, to pottery, to any art in general. I loved it all! I was that kid who was thrilled to get craft supplies at Christmas and I horded every pom pom.

I know you hire military spouses which is so special and I admire you so much for that. Finding work that one can do at home and keep when moving is SO hard. How do you choose your team members?

I choose my team members based on how much sewing experience they have (extremely important for quality diapers), how well we can work and train together, how trust worthy they are as I share all my secrets with them (confidentially agreement is required), and their enthusiasm to help our business grow.  I’m happy to say this is not hard to find; there are so many amazing and talented military spouses out there.

I know you only use the highest quality materials, did it take you a long time to find materials you were satisfied with?


Oh goodness, it did take a while and lots of trial and error. I am so happy though, with both the material and the manufacturers I settled with. Both of the companies I use are USA based and make most if not all of their material here on our home soil. The material that I purchase for my diapers is of the up most quality, baby safe, and chemical free. This is extremely important to me as both a cloth diaper mom and a business owner. I feel that it is worth it to pay that extra cost and go that extra mile for quality that can’t be replaced.

Will you tell us a little bit about your process? How long does it take to make a Gracie Diaper start to finish?


From cutting, to snap placement, to sewing, to adding the finishing touches and inspecting my work it can take me anywhere between 3-4 hours per diaper. Custom diapers can take even longer. I’m not going to lie, a LOT of work goes into every diaper but I enjoy every bit.

You have two beautiful little kiddos, you are a military spouse AND a breastfeeding mama, how do you do it all? Will you share a bit about what keeps you going?


Oh gosh, I ask myself the same thing every morning after I drag myself out of bed after staying up till 1am working (not to forget the extra 3 breastfeeding sessions). To be honest it is hard and I’m exhausted, but I see the faces of my loved ones and team members cheering me on and I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I also have an amazing babysitter who also records and edits all my videos, and designed my logo all while helping me with the babies. She is pretty awesome. I have a dream that God has given me what I am striving toward. I may be exhausted right now and sometimes wondering if I have any idea what I am doing, but I know in the end all the long hours and hard work will be worth it!

I love how easy these diapers are to both use and clean and I have never seen such a great potty trainer! It is sooo easy to use! Did it take a while to come up with these designs?


Oh the mounds of paper and material I went through! I have a whole stash of trial diapers sitting in my garage that I have no idea what I’m going to do with. It took me several months of cutting, sewing, testing, and cutting some more. I had a vision in my mind of what a diaper could be, and eventually that vision took form! I am especially proud of my potty trainer.  Designing the trainer at first was a challenge but in the end the result was even better than I expected. How easy to both take care of and use my diapers was very important to me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I found quality pre-prepped material. It was Christmas! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. No more washing diapers ten times before they are fully ready to use, woo-hoo! Now all of us busy moms have a little more time to put our feet up and drink a cup of coffee. Making the decision to cloth diaper and using them shouldn’t be hard. I always check in with each of my customers to make sure they are educated in the use of cloth diapers. (I wish I had that help when I first started). When you have a diaper that works it can be both fun and easy. All the effort I have put into designing my diapers has been worth every minute of my time.

One of my favorite parts is how beautiful these diapers are, the prints are so original! Do you have an absolute favorite print?


Oh my goodness the prints! The company I use not only offers high quality Eco-Pul but their print selection cannot be compared. I have not found one single print yet that I have not LOVED.  I have said every one is my favorite but if I had to choose, I personally love floral or shabby chic prints the best.



Picture Credits: Alex Ralston Photography


Facebook: Alexis Ralston Photography Facebook Page