The Lip Connection Glam and Skincare by Robin

Hello beautiful people! I am very excited to share this part of my life with you, if you had told me a while back that I would be running a makeup and skincare business and working towards my MUA (makeup artist certification!) I would have laughed at you. Me, the girl who is doing good to slap on (four year old..!🙈) mascara? Right.

But, here I am. And I am having SO MUCH FUN. I love the immense confidence boost it has given me and I also love how it basically forces me to take good care of my skin and use quality products. I love the beautiful women it brings into my life and the privilege I have of helping them see how beautiful they truly are. I love how I was able to effortlessly incorporate these products into my daily routine, which is saying something since right now my days are beyond jam packed. I love how I am able to celebrate being my own person and feel tremendously better about my appearance with or without makeup.

Self care has never been my long suit, suffice it to say after having kids it plummeted even further, having SeneGence as part of my life now is really helping me get better at it every day. Yes, it is still a choice, but it has made it a possible choice for me. And yes, knowing that I NEED to play with fun makeup and use good skincare products as part of my job has been a huge help! It sounds silly but I think you all will relate, I have never felt comfortable spending much time on my appearance especially once I became a mama. (Self care as a mama is haaaard y’all!)

And, I hesitated to share this with you all because let’s face it, we are ALL jaded on being sold to all the time, on products that promise and don’t deliver, on direct sales opportunities that don’t work no matter how hard we try (I have tried more than I want to admit), and understandably so. I tried these products with a very skeptic attitude, but ladies they’ve been such a blessing for me I absolutely HAVE to share with you all because I can’t wait to share the immense blessing its been for my life with your lives. And you guys, it’s makeup and skincare. It’s SUPPOSED to be fun. And I decided, well, I will share the fun! I have watched so many women blossom, bloom and grow after starting to use these products that I cannot ignore the change it can bring. So, here goes mamas, I’m going to share with you.

What is SeneGence about anyway? SeneGence is a vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, lead free, made in America makeup and skincare line with products that really WORK. They do actually deliver what they promise and here’s one of my favorite parts. SeneGence has a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t like it, you get your money back. No matter what. I really love that about them. No risk. It’s not for you? No problem.


Below I am sharing a little about the company and a very brief overview of products. Please click here to see the 2017 Beauty Book and all that SeneGence offers. If you’d like to shop my current stock, just click here to visit my online store in my Facebook group (see albums titled “Current Stock”). (No pressure at all, please feel free to just browse!)

If you decide you love these products, ask me about signing up for the discount. Because, really, you can just sign up for the discount (I have family members that have done just that). For the same price of a Costco membership, (and we all know how amazing that is) you can get all your makeup and skincare for at least 20% off. There truly is no pressure to sell, (I cannot say that about any other company!).

Of course, should you decide to sell, I truly belong to the BEST TEAM, these ladies not only hustle and make it happen they actually lift each other up and support each other EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I have the best friends I’ve ever made in my life. Add to that, I can also say this is the most supportive company I’ve ever been part of and also the only one that has ever truly been worth every bit of work I’ve put into it. Joni Rogers founded SeneGence with the goal to help stay at home moms make an income, and she stays true to that mission. But, I can guarantee no one will be ‘riding’ you to do it. Like I said, it’s makeup, it is SUPPOSED to be enjoyable! (If you want to learn what it’s like to start your own journey, I am more than happy to schedule a live FaceTime or Facebook chat with you! I will give it to you straight ladies, no false tales of glory from me!)

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–> The Lip Connection with Robin

Below is a brief overview of what they have to offer. Again, it is all vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, lead free and provides anti-aging benefits, and many even provide amazing sun protection via a mechanical shield. (just ask and I am more than happy to explain that further).

LipSense-a long lasting lip color (not stain!) that bonds molecularly to the surface of your lips providing 4-18 hours of beautiful comfortable wear. It really doesn’t budge you all. Use with the moisturizing NOT sticky or icky glosses. Check out my fun Smudge Test Video here–> Is LipSense Really Smudge Proof? (my kids, cat, and dad all make an appearance!) and my how to apply video here–> The Best Way to Apply LipSense!

ShadowSense-long lasting crème to powder eye shadows containing their patented anti-aging SenePlex formula. Also budge-proof, let me tell you how much I love wearing eye shadows that not only don’t rub off when I forget I’m wearing it but make my eyes actually LOOK BETTER when I do take it off as opposed to being irritated and dried out.

LashSense-yes, you guessed it. Also long lasting/water proof/all that jazz. And the first mascara I have EVER used that doesn’t feel like concrete or bother my contacts.

MakeSense-this is truly one of my favorite products. This foundation won’t rub off, drip off, or crease, doesn’t make my face break out or even make me LOOK like I am wearing foundation (unless you want that look, then just apply more), and it even contains SenePlex anti-aging complex. And ladies, I have zero problems with people thinking my skin looks that good naturally! (because it doesn’t, although I will tell you it’s been looking much better since using these products).

They also have incredible concealers, beautiful glosses that can be used with the LipSense or by themselves, blushes, pearlizer, anything you might want or need.


Skincare Products:

Moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging products, they have something for every skin type (click here to see the 2017 Beauty Book). They also just came out with a line of parfum, and it’s lovely!

I would absolutely love to answer any questions you have, I am an open honest book as you already know. ALL products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please don’t hesitate to comment or message me via the contact form below with any questions at all, I’m having the time of my life on this new journey and would love to help you try these amazing products and perhaps even support you starting your own journey! <3 xo!