5 Easy Tips for Supporting Lactation and Boosting Milk Supply

I would like to start this post by stating that I am not a trained lactation consultant. I am a mama who breastfed twins for nearly three years, donated over 13 gallons of milk while breastfeeding them and am currently breastfeeding my six month old son as well as donating milk on a weekly basis. These are simply tips that have helped (and continue to help!) me in my breastfeeding journey. Lastly, any companies I share in this post were carefully chosen by ME for what they stand for and the effects their products have had in my life personally.

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Keetna Farm Kids Adventure Bags

I am SOO excited to share with you all an amazing mama and her incredible handmade, no waste shops! I found the lovely kind and talented Jesika Stoll in my search for the perfect adventure bags for the twins to take on our hikes and walks and various outdoor explorations. We LOVE her adventure bags! They’re the perfect size, beautifully made with quality materials, and easy for little hands to use. The twins are obsessed and literally take them everywhere! Jesika is a woman of many wonders, and has three different incredible shops that I am just in love with! The adventure bags are from her shop Keetna Farm Kids, where she also has clothing, wooden learning items and more! In addition to Keetna Farm Kids, she has Keetna Farm Botanicals and Keetna Farm Goods. I am obsessed with her reusable bags and other zero waste goods!

Check out her Instagram here and then scroll to see her incredible adventure bags in action! Click any picture to shop her adventure bag collection!

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I share this story in complete vulnerability, in the hopes that even just one mama who is in the position I was, can read it and it will help. Sharing things like this on social media can be terrifying, people can be so mean. But I am willing to take that risk in the hopes that my postpartum story might help someone else’s be an easier one. I was NOT okay after the births of my beloved babies, and I know I am not the only one in this world who has experienced this. I am sharing this story, because, my life is now completely different, and I pray that in sharing this someone else may not have to struggle as long as I did, or can stop struggling and see the sunshine again. You don’t need to feel ashamed, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Yes, I believe with all my heart in holistic healing but I ALSO believe the shroud covering postpartum mental health and medication needs to be lifted. Was how I felt exacerbated by my circumstances? Probably. Could I have avoided this with proper supplements and better self-care? Maybe. And I will try again with each baby I may bave in the future. And no, I am not suggesting Prozac as a cure-all for every mom. But the point is, we don’t have to suffer. I’m a Christian, and let me tell you needing some help does NOT mean I don’t love Jesus. We aren’t being heroes by not seeking help. We deserve better, our babies deserve better, we both deserve for us to be functioning, and at our best. No, I am not a robot mom now. Yes, I still get frustrated and things make me sad. BUT, I am now able to manage the highs and lows and once again truly enjoy this precious time with my children. Now for my story:

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The Perfect Naptime Lullabies for Country Mamas: Rockabye Baby! with Miranda Lambert!

I’m SO excited to share with you all today about Rockabye Baby!’s upcoming release of Rockabye Baby! Renditions of Miranda Lambert,  which officially drops June 28th! (pre-order available right now!) Rockabye Baby! has been such a part of our parenting journey, back when the twins were newborns listening to Rockabye Baby! albums was one of the very, VERY few things that helped calm them! I have so many precious memories of being a new mom and listening to Rockabye Baby! in the car, at home, in the wee hours of the night! We have continued listening to their albums, the twins still love them! And now we adore enjoying them with Charlie too! Rockabye Baby! has SO many artists available (scroll down this post for a list!) and even adorable clothing like the organic cotton onesie Charlie is rocking in these photos!

You can currently listen to three singles from the new Miranda Lambert Rockabye Baby! album and pre-order the CD, just click here! We LOVVVVVE it!!

Calling all country-loving parents, Rockabye Baby! just released a new album Rockabye Baby! Renditions of Miranda Lambert that will drift your little ones right to sleep. The twelve track album features Miranda’s biggest hit’s from “Mama’s Broken Heart” to “Little Red Wagon,” “Over You” and more! Soothing out the fiery Texan’s tough-talking tunes and crunchy guitars, Rockabye Baby transforms all her greatest hits into delicate chimes and soothing xylophones. Take a listen here! 

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Summertime Romper and Dress from Lena’s Yard

We are absolutely IN LOVE with these new summer must have items from Lena’s Yard! This precious frill dress and short romper are perfect for every summer activity, from going for ice cream to frolicking through the dandelions! Click here or any picture to shop her Etsy store!

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DIY Montessori Dyed Wood Toys/Teaching Materials

I LOVE Montessori toys and learning materials, I believe children thrive with order and simplicity. But, collecting the materials can get expensive. The surprisingly easy solution is to make them yourself! With little effort, you can make materials and toys that are beautiful, sustainable, sensory rich, and honestly can be passed down to future generations thanks to the incredibly resilient nature of wood! I made this entire collection below for a fraction of the cost of buying them ready made, and I easily did it in an afternoon (with toddler “help” and lots of interruptions!).

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Kidbox Review!

I have to confess that I’ve had a serious “brand crush” on Kidbox for some time and have just been wanting to collaborate with them sooooo much, so you can imagine my excitement when I received the opportunity to do so! Spoiler alert: they deliver on their promise for you to #unpackhappy !!! Need to shop now? Click here and use code mamaplaybook for 15% off your first box (which is in addition to the already amazing discount they provide!) Keep reading to see why we love them! In addition to the fact that each Kidbox is basically a magical Mary Poppins box (the clothes just kept coming!!!) and that they’ve seriously been the sweetest and kindest people EVER, here are a few reasons I adore them and am so excited to share them with you today:

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Remineralizing Tooth Powder Recipe

I’m really excited to share this recipe with you today! My family and I got on the DIY tooth powder train when I panicked and thought my kiddos were getting cavities (despite my obsessive dental hygiene habits). It turns out it was just a couple stains from a liquid iron supplement they were on for a bit, but at the same time my son was getting sore gums and I was noticing trouble spots in his mouth. Also at this same time, my entire family was having insurance issues and unable to visit a dentist for regular cleanings. Now, before I continue with this story, I want to say I fully advocate for regular dentist visits. I had the most wonderful dentist growing up and take my own children regularly now.  I ALSO believe our bodies are designed to heal themselves, and do not believe teeth are an exception to that rule. Meaning, our TEETH are also designed to heal. What?! RADICAL I know.

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Special Small Shop Feature

A few weeks ago we had the tremendous privilege to win a giveaway hosted by Hazel and Home! (she is a beautiful mama with a gorgeous Insta feed, follow her Instagram here!) We won a $25 dollar credit to Denim+Dot, Rebecca Gail Garments, AliJane&Co, Hello Charlie Shop and Dear Loa! (I will be adding pictures from Hello Charlie soon, her shop is on a temporary close so check back!) After just about falling off my chair with glee, I had the time of my life browsing these amazing handmade small shops, and counted the moments until our beautiful packages would arrive in the mail. We were not disappointed, the quality and love that every single one of these items is made with makes my heart burst with joy. These incredible small mama made shops are now among my most favorite places to buy from, and they have graciously agreed for me to feature them on here so that I can share them with you!

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Gear Guide and Tips for Keeping Littles Happy on Hikes!

Click here for the video, or keep reading for a brief written synopsis and the product links I mention in the video! 🙂

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