Relaunch Sneak Peak! Aka, a little more on what to expect in the future from this blog

Happy Tuesday friends! As you know if you read my previous post,¬†I am relaunching The Mama Playbook and changing some things. I talked a little bit about why, but I want to share more about what to expect after the relaunch! As I mentioned, I’ll be sharing a lot more about what it’s like to be a medical student’s wife (hint…it ain’t like being a doctor’s wife ūüėČ ). I’ll also be more organized and specific in my posts (ahhhhh my OCD heart skips a beat at those words alone!) Below I have the concepts and categories (is that a weird word to use?!) that will be part of this blog’s relaunch. And last but not least, I want to hear from YOU. What do you want to see more of in this blog? Drop a comment or send me a message! I truly care and want to hear! <3 Now, below I’ve listed some of the changes I’ll be making as of the relaunch!

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Blog Relaunch!

Happy Sunday beauties! As I sit writing this, there’s a chocolate cake in the oven, my kiddos are watching¬†a movie and snacking on these amazing non-GMO GF pringle-like chips my mom found, and I’m scarfing down these equally amazing GF macaroons we also found at Costco like a starving Amazonian woman. (I am admittedly a total stick in the mud for screen time and restrict it like crazy but Sundays are our chosen day for morning shows and a movie in the afternoon and do we ever enjoy it!). Sounds pretty peaceful and idyllic, right? And it is, at this moment. This past week…not so much. Which leads me to the reason for this post…

As you know, my hubby is in his first year of medical school. I shared a while back a little about my personal journey I am on to thrive not just survive in this life, our home reorganization (which has been full steam ahead underway as much as is possible with a hubby who’s gone so much! Updates on that are still coming, just slowly!) and I also shared a little about how hard it can be to be a working mommy with a hubby in med school (or a wife or mommy at all for that matter!) but I haven’t shared much about it since. Events of the past week led me to try and find avenues of support for wives whose husbands are in medical school, and while I found a handful of sources, I was actually shocked at how little is available. I’m literally on the waitlist for one support group with zero clue when I’m getting in, and it will be wonderful when I do, but as it is I needed help this week not just later.

And I mean I’m pretty sure I’m one of many ladies in this position, and by this position I mean anyone whose husband has such extreme commitments and pulls on their time. My husband is an incredible man, he’s a loving devoted father and loyal affectionate husband. But the facts are that right now, and for years down the road, he has another woman in his life, and that woman is medical school. And wow, is she ever selfish, relentless and demanding. Our marriage and family will continue to require extra effort so that we not only thrive, but make it through this alive, and together. We cannot afford to “get comfortable” and not do the work (really, no one can).

So, as you also know, I’ve been in the process of giving The Mama Playbook a complete overhaul/facelift and I’ve decided in the light of recent events I’m going to actually relaunch this blog. It will still be a motherhood lifestyle blog, but I will be sharing way more about our life as a medical school family, (the good, bad, ugly and beautiful!) and my personal journey as a med student wife/twin mom who for the first time in her life is also pursuing a career in beauty and fashion (and what exactly that means for me personally). I am excited to share how we have redone our home, our lives, and really everything about our journey.

I have hesitated in the past to go down such a specific path for this blog, and have indeed spent time in prayer and deep consideration as to what direction exactly I DID want to go with it. But, I know without doubt this is the direction God is leading me in, and while I will admit I’m terrified to share, I am also really excited.

In honor of my relaunch, (stay tuned for the specific dates!) I will be having a week of celebration and special events, giveaways, special guest features, and more!

Please join me, my heart and prayer is that this blog will continue to be a source of community and support for all mamas but will also focus on mamas with husbands who have very demanding careers. Stay tuned as I will be announcing the actual relaunch celebration dates soon!



5 Amazing and Affordable Educational Toddler Things from Amazon Prime

**Links are affiliate and, if you make a purchase, I will earn a few cents at no additional cost to you <3**

Jumbo Sorting and Counting Bears

Not only are my kids obsessed with the cute little brightly colored bears, I LOVE how easy this activity makes it to teach colors and sorting. The colorful and flexible muffin cups are easy to keep clean, and the colors are easily distinguished from each other (For this age, I hate matching games that are vague!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello beauties! In honor of all the amazing chocolate that will be on sale tomorrow (not gonna lie, that’s my FAVORITE part!) I have a special sale going on in my beauty shop, anything and everything is 10% off plus free shipping and a free gift with every purchase (and a chance to win a free gloss or color!) Comment here, email me at or just fill out the contact form below. Happy Valentine’s! <3

Please meet..Jodie from Touch of Style!

Hello beauties! Ahhh today I am over the moon excited to introduce you to the gorgeous Jodie from Touch of Style blog! I met Jodie on Instagram and fell in love not just with her beautiful style but her equally beautiful personality. Add to that we share a name (her middle name is Robin!) and I knew our friendship was meant to be. Below are her social channels, make sure to follow her and subscribe to her blog so you don’t miss a gorgeous detail! (simply click each channel below!)

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ILY Blanket Scarf and Discount Code for

***I received discounted material for this review however as always all opinions are my own**

I’ve been really wanting a new blanket scarf, and so I was very excited when I was contacted by Jewelry Bean on Instagram to check out their website, Ordering was super easy (the only hard part was choosing a color, I chose this one). Their products are super budget friendly, and I loved reading their story. I am thrilled to report it’s soft, cozy, beautiful and I will be wearing it ALL the time! They have so many cute options, including hats and accessories! Click here to shop and use code ROBIN20 for 20% off your order!

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Tommy John Review

I was recently contacted by Tommy John and given the opportunity to review their advanced and innovative men’s line. After checking out their website and what their company is about, I jumped on the chance for my hubby to¬†experience this new no bunching underthings company. He was a little hesitant (largely in part to him knowing I was going to force a picture sesh haha) but also because he’s been a strict no boxer briefs ever kind of guy, due to, well, the pinching and bunching. He somewhat resistantly chose the Go Anywhere Boxer Brief and the Essential Second Skin V Neck Tee. However, after just a few moments of wearing them when they arrived, he said these were very different than any other underwear he has ever worn. After wearing them for a day, he asked me to buy him more. (Seriously ya’ll,¬† coming from a guy that won’t EVER let me buy him new underwear that is HUGE. I almost fell over). In typical man fashion, I have a succinct list of pros from him as to why he loves wearing his new shirt and briefs from Tommy John, and now plans on building his own Tommy John collection. (click names below to see which products Brian tested!)

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new easy makeup tutorials and discount opportunity

Hellloooo beauties! As you know from my Instagram the other day, I had to emergency cancel and redo a makeup tutorial due to sudden toddler nudity. (Clothes are for the BIRDS these days in my household apparently…!) ANYWAY. I redid and here they are, four super easy and quick makeup tutorials: one for flawless airbrushed looking skin (easiest thing you’ll ever do too!) a subtle ultraviolet smoky eye, (in honor of the Pantone Institute declaring ultraviolet the color for 2018!) easy beautiful brows, and some super fun winter perfect lips! I really hope you enjoy them!!! <3 BUT KEEP READING…I have something super exciting to share and then check out the tutorials below!

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Get Thrifty with!

**VERY EXCITING sponsored post with AMAZING discount code ahead (trust me you’re going to want to check this one out!!!) and, as always, ALL opinions are my own!**

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Room Renovation!

Hello everyone! I cannot believe 2017 is about to come to a close…(we’ll talk more about that later!) If you follow my Instagram you know that I am OVER THE MOON excited because, for the first time in a year and a half, my husband and I are going to have a bedroom. We’ve been living in my dear (very patient!) parents family room all this time, and needless to say that has offered challenges for everybody. With Brian heading to medical school, we chose to conserve/pool resources and moved to my parent’s home last year. Our plan was to either build an add on to their home or do a mobile on their property. That plan didn’t work out due to financial issues and red tape, and here we are a year and a half later, still in their living room. However, one of my sister’s recently bought her own home (SO PROUD of her) and moved out, leaving a blissfuly available bedroom space (the same bedroom I grew up in nonetheless!).

And so we are making it ours, repainting, and redecorating, and I am truly so excited I can hardly stand it. My parents are graciously allowing us to turn that side of the house into “our wing”, with a fully kid proof bathroom, office for hubby, and our bedroom. This is a pretty big deal, especially considering my parent’s home is a small one level two bedroom. Of course, this will all take a bit of time to accomplish, and Step One is the bedroom. I am so very excited to share pictures of the progress with you all! xo