One of "Those Days"...

We all have them, those days that make us want to pull our hair out or hide under the bed and cry while guzzling wine and stuffing chocolate in our mouths. It doesn’t mean we’re bad moms, or that we have bad kids. Life as a human isn’t perfect every moment. And, we are all […]

Don't Take My Babies


Ever since time began, in many cultures, babies have simply just been with their mamas, whether that meant going to work or staying home. Wrapped on their mamas backs with cloth, or perhaps strapped on in a basket, depending on where they were from, it wasn’t considered weird or out of place that if you had a […]

On the Nursing of Babes in Public


When the twins were first born, I didn’t give much thought to the whole nursing in public thing. I did have to adjust quickly to feeding them in front of people as I went back to teaching three weeks postpartum (not out of preference) and at three weeks babies eat constantly. (Mine still seem to […]

On Mom Shaming

I’ll readily admit, before I had kids I didn’t really buy into the whole “mom shaming” concept. Of course I was, and still am, fully aware of the judgement that exists, both from other moms and myself. However I somehow had it in my mind that I would be immune to the judgment, that somehow […]

Moving, an odious task

I haven’t written a blog post in a loooooong time. Work has been insane, and we’ve decided to move. I really hate moving, and it turns out doing it with 8 month old twins sucks even more. The cats are having a blast, there are boxes everywhere, and spiders that rode in on the boxes. […]

Let's Run Errands, or Not

As a mother of five month old twins I find getting out the door to do errands a sometimes mountain sized challenge. Let’s just say I order everything possible via the internet for a reason. Efficiency is key once at the store, baby nerves wear thin fast when being snatched in and out of car […]

Road Trippin'

Recently my husband and I set out on a little road trip with our then four month old twins. As sometimes even short drives to the store result in backseat wailing, we knew there would be some interesting moments en route to our destination. But, as we were going to visit dear family members, we […]

Survival Foods, or the Mama Diet

I’m pretty sure it happens to all moms at some point, suddenly you realize you’ve gone a remarkably long period of time without a solid meal. The other day, I ran out of peanut butter, and consequently was STARVING. Peanut butter is my personal go-to Mama Survival Food, along with heavily creamed coffee. I have […]

A Place to Put Them, Gadgets and Gizmos

My husband and I are not big on ‘stuff’, however it became evident to me after the babies arrived we were going to need SOME stuff. I took to Craigslist and the first item I found was an exersaucer, it’s still a little big for them and as you can see from his expression, my […]