Announcing...Let's Talk Live Mama!

I am so very excited to announce the latest in a series of LIVE interactive broadcasts featuring other amazing mamas, we have such fun and would so love you to join us! Come talk to us, share stories and ask questions! The current schedule is listed below and will be kept constantly up to date! If it’s […]

On Raising a Gentle Dreamer

Two of the things I believe strongly in are that no two children are alike, and that a great amount of who we are is born within. Nurture certainly plays a tremendous part, but I do believe we must adjust our nurture according to each child’s nature. While certain things are the same, I parent […]

On Raising a 'Sensitive and Emotional' Child

  Despite being twins, my babies are remarkably different little humans, I am reminded every single day as to their uniqueness. This was a lesson I had to learn at first, to not compare them (see my earlier post where I talk a little about comparing babies in general here). My son is a sponge, he […]

It's Your Thing...Do What You Wanna Do (Even if Everyone is Judging You For It)

We’ve all talked about mommy shaming. We will talk about it more. Daddy shaming, mommy shaming, shaming in general is just a big pet peeve of mine. I was talking to my mother yesterday and she mentioned, “When did it become so wrong to have differences of opinion and be able to have a civil […]

Ten Things I Would Tell Beyoncé about Having Twins

Beyoncé just announced that she will be giving birth to twins. Besides my slight jealousy of her incredible maternity photoshoot, and the undeniable fact that the contrast in our social status will yield several differences in our experiences being twin moms, (for example, I doubt having a housekeeper is an issue for her), there are many […]

In Defense of Using Technology as a Mom

The other day, I did the seemingly inevitable. I dropped my phone in the toilet. I was rushing, trying to answer an email while simultaneously taking a fast pee break and SPLOOSH. There it went. I immediately turned it off in a panic, burst out of the bathroom frantically and dashed it into a bag […]

We Went on a Date

The other day, my hubby and I went on our first solo date sans kids since their birth. I know that might seem extreme to some as our babies are about to turn fourteen months old, but the facts are that with their being breastfed bottle rejectors leaving them anywhere without me just wouldn’t have […]

On Setting an Example of Balance

Click here for my latest Monday Morning Coffee Rant “Let’s Talk Body Image” (as promised, the Apple Crumble recipe is posted above under the ‘Recipes’ tab, enjoy!!!) I don’t think it’s a shocking revelation that becoming a parent is one of the MOST beautiful, stressful, all absorbing, all consuming life events that can happen to a […]

Every Baby Is an Individual! And, Let them be Little

As I have said frequently, there is nothing like parenting to change your most carefully laid plans. It is astonishing how easily these tiny little humans change everything, and challenge literally everything that you thought you knew. Being a parent requires flexibility, humility and patience, and trust me that your beautiful little beings will work […]

I Gave Birth to a Cling-on?! Or, The Fourth Trimester

Being a new mom is exhausting. (To put it mildly…!) Crying babies are stressful, and as I explained to my loving patient husband after multiple times of yelling at him for no reason as my babies cried, us women literally have a physiological reaction to our babies wails. Our milk lets down, we sweat, heart […]