Remineralizing Tooth Powder Recipe

I’m really excited to share this recipe with you today! My family and I got on the DIY tooth powder train when I panicked and thought my kiddos were getting cavities (despite my obsessive dental hygiene habits). It turns out it was just a couple stains from a liquid iron supplement they were on for a bit, but at the same time my son was getting sore gums and I was noticing trouble spots in his mouth. Also at this same time, my entire family was having insurance issues and unable to visit a dentist for regular cleanings. Now, before I continue with this story, I want to say I fully advocate for regular dentist visits. I had the most wonderful dentist growing up and take my own children regularly now.  I ALSO believe our bodies are designed to heal themselves, and do not believe teeth are an exception to that rule. Meaning, our TEETH are also designed to heal. What?! RADICAL I know.

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5 Easy Ways to Go Green while Saving Time and Money

Happy Monday friends! As you know, I’m all about saving where I can AND making our lives easier, and I’m also passionate about taking good care of our planet. I cloth diapered the twins and will cloth diaper our new baby when he comes, and I have also learned a few easy tricks over the years that save us time and money on a daily basis. I’ve included a couple items you can get from Amazon, and a few lifestyle tips that have really helped us.

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Why beauty is important and not letting bad moments define us

Do you know why beauty is important? I didn’t. Furthermore, do you know what you consider to be beautiful? I didn’t know that either. And I’m not talking about just inner beauty or outer beauty. I’m talking about beauty in every part of your life. From the time your feet hit the floor to the time your eyes close. When you look in the mirror and when you walk down the street. I did know I didn’t feel beautiful, (my insides or my outsides), that my life didn’t feel beautiful and that what I experienced every day was anything but beautiful. And you know what can happen when you don’t see beauty? Everything starts looking ugly. Even the things that aren’t. And before you know it, the situation snowballs and suddenly your life has become a negative whirlwind and full of anti-beauty and, if you’re anything like I was, you don’t even realize it. Let me explain.

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