Hey there! I’m Robin, I currently live in Bellvue, Colorado, with my husband, our boy/girl twins, our three cats, my parents, one of my sisters, and their two cats and a dog. (Oh, and some fish. Yes, its cozy!)

I am a baby wearing, coconut and olive oil loving, crunchy mama by default. Having grown up with a very Italian mother who made her own cheese and ground her own flour with a baby wrapped to her chest, I am very passionate about natural food and clean living. Music is also a huge part of my life, my husband and I both graduated from music school and my father is a composer and pianist who had me listening to him play piano before I was barely an hour old. Our twins are obsessed with all things music, to our hearts delight.

My husband is currently attending school to be a medical scientist, and our household is a very busy one! We met over 8 years ago while we were both attending Lamont music school at University of Denver. He was attending school for voice at the time and I for piano. I was assigned to be his accompanist, and as they say, the rest is history!

My husband shares my passion for good food, and cooking together has been a big part of our family life. We are a God loving, gentle parenting, cloth diapering, passionately organic and earth friendly family. We love the water and moving closer to the ocean is a mutual lifetime goal.

Parenting is our newest and most precious adventure we’ve had. I look forward to sharing our ever changing journey of a lifetime with all of you!


Why The Playbook?

Parenting is an ever changing experience, with the most constantly evolving playbook ever written. Parenting not only involves daily planning but more often than not minute by minute improvisation. Anyone who has tried to leave their house in a timely manner with any number of children knows exactly what I mean. It doesn’t matter that two minutes ago everyone had a clean diaper/shirt/face, that cleanliness is long gone with the poop/vomit/jam explosion that just happened fifteen seconds ago. Really, where was that jam?! Hiding under their armpit?!

My husband and I joined the world of parenting with the discovery that we were expecting twins. It all started when our midwife was conducting our first pregnancy ultrasound and observed, “Well, there’s one little critter, and there’s another little critter!”. We received this news with great excitement, our much desired little family was on the way.

After being a nanny and music teacher for many years of my life, and having had a truly wonderful childhood of being lovingly parented myself, I really felt I had an experienced edge for this parenting thing. But one thing I have learned in my brief run as a new parent, never say I will never. Of course there are things I would not bend on for my children, safety, etc. But I have learned parenting will present you with more decisions and unforeseen circumstances daily than nearly anything else in the world, certainly more than anything else I have ever experienced.

My heart for this blog is to provide a safe and honest space for mamas to come laugh, cry, learn from and support each other. Please join me, share your stories as I share mine.








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