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Going forward, my blog will be dedicated to Charlotte Mason homeschool, wildschooling, and related lifestyle topics. (I shared my first recipe post for gluten free flour earlier this week). We are a second generation homeschool family, my beautiful experience growing up as a homeschooler is what led me to fulfill my heart’s desire of homeschooling my own children. And, as this is my first dedicated Charlotte Mason lifestyle post for this blog, I would like to humbly thank the inspiring Leah Martin of mylittlerobins.com, for she is the reason I began on this life changing journey with Charlotte Mason. My heart is bursting with all I want to share, and I am beyond excited to be sharing our simple little daily summer routine!

Daily routine looks different for every family according to their individual needs. The beautiful simplicity of Charlotte Mason and the ability to take core ideas and mold them according to your family’s personal situation is what drew me to this method in the first place. I have gleaned so many wonderful ideas for our daily routine from other Charlotte Mason families, and hope that in sharing ours you may receive some ideas as food for thought as well!

First of all, I love that I can flex our routine as needed according to what the day holds. Some days we do morning basket first, some days we do it after nap time in the afternoon! If the day promises to be a hot one and I want to make sure we get outside, we get out the door as quickly as possible and then do our usual morning activities once we return.

I did choose to continue a somewhat relaxed version of our usual daily school routine through summer. When my wonderful mother was homeschooling my sisters and I she continued through the summers and even as a child I LOVED not having the shock of drastic schedule change once fall arrived. Of course there were days we skipped “lessons” altogether in favor of a summer activity, but that is nothing unusual from our typical school schedule! This flexibility is one of the joys of homeschooling!

My children are four years old (boy girl twins) and one year old, (baby boy) and thus per Charlotte Mason’s recommendation we haven’t started formal lessons yet. We are focused on habit training and building that foundation of education as an environment and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean we are ignoring our “numbers and letters”, but I will share more of what we do for that in another post! Lastly, I will say that the time does adjust from day to day. We do not eat exactly at 12 every day, but the time between activities stays pretty consistent. So, here is our simple, lovely little summer time daily routine!

5:00am My wakeup time when I do my own mama’s morning basket. Yes it is early and this is not the answer for everyone. I am a morning person, and we go to bed early. Also, my kiddos are very little. I am looking forward to continuing to have quiet times with them and teach them to have respect for Mama’s learning time, but for now this is best for us. Depending on your kids ages and family schedule, perhaps your personal time could happen in the afternoon or after their bedtime if you don’t like mornings (and no shame in that!).

6-7:00 am. My husband gets up, I serve him breakfast and he leaves for school. Sometimes the kids are up and we all have breakfast together, sometimes we eat after he leaves. All three are up by 7 or I get them up.

7-8:00 If we are staying home that day, we do our morning basket, (I will write a post on our morning basket soon!) have tea (it has become a treasured part of our basket time!) and do our music time. If we are leaving for an adventure that day (a hike or such) everyone gets ready, makes beds, and packs and we take off as quickly as possible to avoid the heat AND the current Covid crowd issues. On these days, we do a light quick breakfast and bring plenty of snacks.

8-11:00 Outdoor time, whether we are on a hike or playing in the porch inflatable pool. No matter what, I try to consistently make this outdoor time. I sometimes use part of this time for dinner prep, as everyone is still in a good mood and enjoys the kitchen time.

11-12:00 Lunch time, quiet play time

12-2:00 Baby hopefully naps. During his nap we read books and play our games for the week. Regardless of whether the nap happens we make at least an hour of this quiet reading or game time.

2-3:00 We head back outside and play in the pool again or go for a walk if it’s not too unbearably hot on the city streets.

3-4:00 Indoor craft time while I make dinner. Sometimes I let them watch a show. We are pretty strict with screen time, but we do watch movies and shows and sometimes it is the best way for me to get dinner done. Yes, they do help with dinner whenever possible but sometimes everyone is fried with the heat. I try to alternate with morning prep times so they get opportunities for that frequently.

4-5:00. Bath time. Yes I know this is early. It’s just what works for us at this time of life. Also, my kids LOVE the bath and will play in it as long as I let them.

Around 5-6 my husband usually arrives home from school and we have a family dinner. He does have to work late some days and when that happens I feed the kids by 6. Any later and they struggle to eat well due to exhaustion.

6-7:00. cleanup after dinner and then bedtime routine. (I will share our bedtime routine soon as well!).

7-7:30 Lights out for kiddos! Again, this may be too early for many but it’s what works for us at this time. Once the kids are asleep I try to have some quiet reconnecting time with my husband (or solo reading time if he’s working) and then bed myself by 9-10.

Again, one of the things I love so much about Charlotte Mason is the simplicity and flexibility. Some Fridays we do a family movie or adventure at night and then bedtime is later, and so the following day shifts a bit. No big deal!

I’d love to hear about your daily summer routine and ideas! Please share in the comments!

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