Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra

As I’ve been breastfeeding for nearly four years, I have definitely had the time to find what I do and don’t like, and the things I do really need to support myself as I nourish my children. A good bra is a non-negotiable! All three of my children have been solely breastfed and I have pumped and donated (and still do!) so it is important to me that my bra can both be used as a pumping bra and easy to use to breastfeed (ain’t no mama got time to be changing bras through the day!). Today I am featuring the Ollie Gray Everywhere Bra in The Bitsy patternShop Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra and use code Olliegraybras10 for 10% off (valid until end of October)!! Read on for closeups and info!

The Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra is designed for the modern mom who doesn’t have time to be fussing with a dysfunctional bra.

  • Made of polyester and spandex
  • antimicrobial liner
  • Second strap doesn’t slip while nursing
  • Fits most pumps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Tag-less design for comfort and daily wear
  • Magnetic privacy cloth included (small magnets in the neck make for an easy and quick privacy cloth). 

Fits flat (minimizing those side muffins!)

Shaping with light padding in the cups and support for exercise or regular daily activities

Holds pump flanges firmly in place.

Easy to unclip for nursing.

Shop Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra and use code Olliegraybras10 for 10% off (valid until end of October) !!


**as always, while this may be a sponsored post it ONLY contains my true opinions!**

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