Five Effective Ways to Kill a Cold and Quick and Easy Kid Friendly Immune Boosting Smoothie

This weekend I succumbed to my first cold of the season. I hate being sick, we rarely are but when we are I want it gone as fast as possible! I’ve been diligently using these tips and I can tell it is on it’s way out the door for me, and my hubby and kiddos seem to have avoided it completely. Thank God. As always, I am not a medical professional just sharing what helps me as one mama to the other so always check with your doctor first.

Hydrating with Liquid IV! It is insanely hard to keep properly hydrated when sick and especially hard when breastfeeding also! (Read this article on why it is so incredibly important to stay hydrated when sick, one reason is keeping electrolytes balanced which doesn’t really happen with water alone!!!). I have been keeping myself hydrated with Liquid IV and I am stunned at the difference it is making in my healing. Seriously. You need this on hand especially for cold and flu season. It is such an easy thing to add and makes a night and day difference. As always, use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK for 20% off their website and free shipping. Speaking of healing…

Sipping Healing Butterfly’s Turmeric Hibiscus Immune Boosting Tea. Literally the most soothing thing in the world! I like it whisked a bit and made with coconut or oat milk like a latte.  Use code MAMAPLAYBOOK15 for a discount! (they also have a chocolate version and a pumpkin spice matcha…just sayin’).

Taking Silver Biotics Immune Support Supplement. I give it to the entire family (except Charlie, he doesn’t need it thanks to the breastmilk antibodies he is getting). There are very limited options for nursing mamas when fighting colds! Use code  mamaplaybook15 for 25% off any purchase at Silver Biotics.

Taking extra Vitamin D. I usually take one every day but for 3 days when sick I double my dose. Sorry no code for this one but it’s a good one!

Elderberry Capsules. Again no coupon but we love elderberry. Syrup or capsules (usually I buy Nature’s Way).

For the twins, I make these little smoothies and have been giving it to them in their reusable TwistShake pouches. We love reusable pouches! And these ones are just so darn cute. The twins suck these smoothies down no problem and as you can see they’re packed with immune boosting ingredients.

Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup organic coconut milk

1 packet Liquid IV

1 banana

1 teaspoon Healing Butterfly Hibiscus Turmeric Immune Boosting Tea

1 teaspoon SilverBiotics Immune Support supplement

2 drops Vitamin D drops

1 teaspoon Elderberry syrup

3 ice cubes

Blend well and put into pouches. Add any fruit you like too!

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