Honest Review of Your Tea’s Fertility Tea-Traditional Chinese Medicine

Before I begin, I want to say that working with Your Tea has been a most healing, incredible experience. I rarely see such genuine love and care as I have seen in their company. I have always believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but honestly it has been very difficult to utilize in my lifestyle. I barely have time to brush my hair most days let alone go through a series of steps to brew complicated teas. Your Tea has taken the ancient and time proven healing abilities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, modernized it and made it accessible for every type of lifestyle. A simple teabag twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. And, it’s DELICIOUS. Yes, it is. I also want to share my incredibly personal experience I had taking it, please click here to watch my video all about it and continue reading for more information about Your Tea and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The following information is taken directly from YourTea.com, they truly have a wealth of information and incredible knowledge on their website. Click any text or picture to navigate to their site and watch my personal experience here.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

TCM is a holistic approach to achieving health and wellbeing.

In TCM, the body is viewed as an entire energetic system, including the mind, body and soul. To reach a state of maximum health, all parts must work together in harmony with each other. Thus, an unhealthy body equals an unhealthy mind, and vice versa.

Let’s Talk Qi (pronounced /tʃiː/ CHEE)

TCM also refers to the term Qi. Qi is our ‘life force’ or ‘flow of energy’ – it moves through the body via meridians, and all of our organs, emotions and ailments are attached to these meridians.

“It is essential for Qi to move and flow harmoniously. If Qi is blocked, it has a domino effect on the body; remembering that TCM requires the mind, body and soul to function in harmony in order to achieve wellbeing.”

One of my favorite examples on their site is about a tree that has fallen across a river. “The flow of the water changes, the quality of the water downstream changes, the backlog of water before the tree changes. Indeed, a simple blockage can cause a multitude of chain reactions.

Everything we do impacts our Qi, but none more so than digestion.”

“When our digestion suffers, our Qi suffers the most. Because the nourishment we receive from food goes deeper than just fueling our bodies. The Stomach and Spleen work closely to transform the food we’ve eaten into Qi, which is then sent to the Lungs and Heart and transformed into blood. When blood is under nourished, Qi is deficient, so too is our energy (life force), and we start to see ailments show up in areas along the meridian where the Qi is lacking.”

In taking the Fertility Tea, I experienced this incredible, entirety of self healing, for which I am so very grateful. Click here to watch my video sharing my experience!

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