Gear Guide and Tips for Keeping Littles Happy on Hikes!

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Best Gear!

We have found  (the hard way!) that when hiking with littles there are a few things that are absolutely MANDATORY for success and enjoyment. And, as my mama pointed out, it’s a one time investment, it’s not money spent every single time we hike.

BOOTS! Seriously, you absolutely need good hiking boots. Especially when you’re carrying precious cargo on your back, cargo you don’t want falling to the ground with you. Brian and I each got Keen waterproof midrise hiking boots and they are AMAZING. Highly recommend.

Click for mine

Click for Brian’s

We also got these hiking socks and they’ve been fantastic.

Carriers! We use Deuter mainframe (this is Brian’s, this is mine) and they are a game changer. I found our current ones used on Craigslist. They are launching a women’s version and I might be trading my current one for that. I’ll keep you posted!

Sun and rain roof covers for your carriers. WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT. These have made a night and day difference for our littles. Click here to purchase through Amazon. 

As I explained in our video, we pack water in these bags so that we add as little additional weight as possible. Brian is carrying around 70 pounds and myself around 50+. We don’t need any extra!

Sun hats. They’re sexy, you need them. (skin protection IS sexy people). We have these and love them.

Hiking pants! I had no idea what a difference a good pair of pants can make. Brian uses these and I use these.

We keep one each of these “disposable rain ponchos” and one each of these mylar weather blankets in our carriers for emergencies.

I use this changing pad, use code mamaplaybook for 15% off their entire store.

Tips for keeping kiddos happy

Comfort is key! For clothing, we dress the twins in leggings or sweatpants, and use layers! The more layers the better. We dress Charlie in footed jammie’s so his little legs stay covered from the sun. We have them wear comfy breathable shoes with good traction. I always keep a spare pair of pants for each in the pack in case someone gets wet.

Keeping fed and hydrated is very important! They will not do this on their own! Protein filled but tasty and tempting snacks, and plenty of water breaks. Bring more than you think you need!

Walking breaks! If the trail is safe, let them hike every once in a while. If not, take breaks to let their circulation get going.

We use these yarn bonnets and love them!

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