Kids Say the Darndest Things-and Springtime with Lena’s Yard!

It’s officially SPRING! I. Am. So. Happy. In celebration, a bunch of wonderful folks have shared their favorite kiddo quotes with me and I have put them all together in this post to make you laugh and swoon, and I also have the honor to share some of the latest adorable rompers from our dearly beloved Lena’s Yard! Laugh, melt, cry and follow Lena’s Yard on their Instagram, Facebook, and last but not least, Etsy Shop! Scroll down for laughs, cuteness and the cutest comfiest rompers!

Kid Quotes

Thank you to everyone who shared these!!!!!! (and yes, of course I’ve included some from my own kiddos, read on to enjoy them all!)

“My daughters most recent: “mama you’re so beautiful, now tell me that” or sometimes after she compliments me she’ll say “do you want to tell me something?” Also, we were in Sherwin-Williams getting paint and obviously there are a ton of men in there, she says she has a secret to tell me & whispers “I’m pretty sure all of these people love my lipstick!” And my sons recent was we were talking and he couldn’t hear me so he said “mom I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up” 🤣-R


“Me asking my 15m old son.
Me: what does a monster say?
Peter: rawr!
Me: what does a dinosaur say?
Peter: rawr!
Me: what does a bear say?
Peter: Hi! ( And waves)
Okay?? 🤷
Apparently bears just want to be friends”-L


“I’m a hedgehog and I round up cows” -2 yr old-G


“I think we can leave Oliver here. He doesn’t want to go. We can get a new one.”

“I think you should go to work Mommy and Daddy can stay home with us.” 😂

“If you don’t help clean up, I won’t be your brother anymore.”-C

When my daughter Tria was very young, our family was traveling to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. Tria excitedly said “We’re going to Appleturkey!!”-L


“Matthew loves to sing “twinkle twinkle” like this: “bi bo bi bo bi ba toot, zi zo zi za zi bo zoop”-M

“My nephew, very angrily, told his mommy “Mommies don’t fart!! Only boys can fart!” (He’s 3).”

Also after I asked him if he wanted to spend the night at my house, he asked…
Him: “Hey Cookie?”
Me: “Yeah Bud?”
Him: “Can we get this party started please?”-C

“Today, Ollie (3yo) told me without preamble or explanation:  I want to be a tree.”-M

“My friend’s kid can’t say dinosaur.. so he says “assho” haha”-L

“I’m the baby Jesus, you’re the mama Jesus”…🤔😂
Just how he usually says “im the baby bear you’re the mama bear”🤣-C

Brooklyn in trouble: “No mommy, look at MY eyes” when I told her to look at me!-

“5 year old grandaughter Mckinlee told me “if you have a headache sleep in a box, it really helps!🤣”-K

Braxton: Kelsey?
Me: Yeah bud?
B (matter-of-factly): Big butts don’t lie.-K







“Violet told me today “I’ve got good news and bad news, which do you want to here first” (she’s 5) 😂-M

“Butt” 😂😂😂-S


Last but not least, my own kiddos:

My daughter: “Ooo mama! Pretty squishy tummy!” Thanks honey, I’m glad you like it, you definitely helped make it.

My son: (said complete with hip roll and hands in the air) “Wowwwww sis, lookin’ niiiiiice!”

My baby son: pterodactyl screech of joy

Lena’s Yard uses only end of the line fabric, saving millions of yards of gorgeous fabric from the landfill. Her clothing is incredibly well made, beautiful, stylish, AND affordable! Check them out! <3



Ps..this first picture demonstrates the durability of Lena’s Yard rompers, my son wore his into the mud, and with one wash BOOM. Good as new.

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