Five Easy Ways I make Myself Feel like I Have it all together every day (even when I totally don’t)

One of my biggest parenting lessons as a previous control freak has been you simply cannot control everything all the time when you have children. That being said, I do like to have a semblance of order and peace every day, for me it helps me keep my sanity and thus help me be a better mama. I can’t always keep the bathroom spotless and I can’t always have all the laundry put away (ok, maybe ever on that one hahaha!) but I have found a few easy, doable daily things that help me feel better about everything. I call them my daily sanity savers! These may not be your five things, but if you don’t have them already, I hope they can at least help you maybe find five things that help YOU feel on top of it all, even when you have tiny humans using you as a jungle gym and your house resembles a disco with the world’s tiniest ravers alive. And please share below I would love to hear what yours are!

  1. Make the beds. Even if the only people seeing the beds are me and the kids and not even my husband (and honestly right now that happens pretty much daily!) walking into our bedroom to tidy clean beds makes a HUGE difference. Huge.
  2. Get dressed and get the kids dressed. Yes, it makes more laundry. But we make a zillion daily pounds of that anyway and having everyone dressed makes me feel ACCOMPLISHED, even if the only people seeing us that day are the neighborhood deer and wild turkeys. (anyone who has ever wrangled energetic toddlers into clothing gets the wrangling reference ha!).
  3. Wash your face. I definitely do NOT get a daily shower right now, and sometimes my hair becomes borderline more dry shampoo than hair but washing my face just makes the day feel CLEAN and easier to breathe.
  4. Put the toys away. Not all the toys every moment of the day, but I have an assortment of these lovely (and affordable!) organizer bins I got on Amazon mixed with a few I got at Walmart and a few times a day I have the kiddos help and we clear the floors. Sometimes the wrong things go in the wrong bins but it’s ok, that’s easily fixed. This means at night I can actually walk across the floor to the beds without losing a limb and clear floors just make everything seem more in control. It also means we lose less parts of toys and honestly my kids play better when they can see their toys and aren’t overwhelmed. Win. Bins are wonderful things ya’ll, life has piles but they look less terrible when hidden in cute little bins. Seriously. Get you some bins. They’re life changing. And they’re not just for toys! Washcloths, socks, you name it! Roll it up and bin it! I’ve been rolling towels and t-shirts since before Marie Kondo even heard of Netflix!
  5. Sweep or vacuum the main areas of the floors. I don’t get all the areas done every day, but I do the rugs/carpets/areas that I see most. I definitely can’t dust every single day, but with littles in and out of the house and all our critters stuff gets tracked in and when I feel safe to lay the baby on the floor it just makes it all better! 😉

So anyway, those are my five little daily sanity saver things that make me feel like I have my shnazzle together even when I don’t (because toddler-hood is real mamas!).

Share your daily sanity savers below! <3 (pic of my not dressed children in our not cleaned up room because I like to keep it real ya’ll!)

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  1. Yes!!! I love..made beds, dressed kids, kids hair done and out of their eyes so they can see the world, toy pick up several times per day in Bins bins and more bins! Floors swept daily (we live by the beach). Dry shampoo, face washed and always a little bit of lipstick…just makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together when inside I’m feeling frazzled!!

    Funny comment on Marie Kondo

    Love ya!!

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