Best Nursing Cover-The Infineni by Nenikanopi!

I first met LindyJo Larnard, a mama to three beautiful children, wife, and the creator and founder of Nenikanopi, through her Nenikanopi Insta account and was immediately struck not only by her incredibly sweet personality but her truly genuine nature. Her kindness and loving spirit is what led me to check out her company in the first place, and I was also equally struck with her incredible product and her beautiful passion for supporting and helping mamas.

Her story is truly amazing (she even taught herself to sew!), please read her inspiring story and learn about the birth of the infineni here!


So, what exactly is an infineni?! Well, it’s just the most amazing, grown AND made in America nursing cover ever! LindyJo poured her heart, soul, love and time (while nurturing a newborn!) into solving a problem for mamas and their babies by creating a nursing cover that would truly serve BOTH mama and baby’s needs. The infineni is a beautiful cover that allows hands free nursing, pumping, and the ability to actually SEE your baby and have your baby see you while you feed. No more hot heavy cloths, or struggling to not actually strangle your baby (or soaking your cover in leaking milk!) while you feed. The infineni also converts to a scarf, (how’s that for ease of never forgetting your cover when you need one!), a car seat cover, and a poncho!! Not to mention it tucks up into the tiniest little pouch and fits perfectly into a corner of your diaper bag!

The nursing canopy is held open by flexible (and removable!) stays, creating a hands free, open and breathing friendly space for you and your baby. Simply glance down and be able to hold your baby’s gaze without struggling with layers of fabric!

A snap and a twist, and you can convert your canopy into a scarf!

Baby napping? No problem! Pop your infineni over your baby’s car seat for protection! (from weather or people!;) )

Last but not least, easily remove the flexible inserts and pop your infineni on as a poncho!

The infineni is available in many beautiful lush color choices! Designed by a mama for mamas and their babies, you will LOVE your infineni! And don’t just take my word for it, check out what these other mamas are saying!

Check out the infineni in action!

Shop here and make sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep updated on all things Nenikanopi!

**I was gifted product for this review however as always ALL opinions are my own!** <3


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