Christmas Time with Lena’s Yard!

**as you know if you’ve seen my previous post about Lena’s Yard, I fell head over heels in love with the quality of her work and the style and fit of her clothing. She ever so graciously gifted me these beautiful outfits I am featuring today, and I am just as in love with them as I was the ones I bought from her first!**

I will admit to LOVING dressing my babies. As my mama once said, it’s like having actual real life living dolls! Dolls that are picky and hard on their clothing though ha! 😉 The holidays are an especially exciting time to get them dressed, and I can NOT wait to take my little ones in their new rompers to our holiday events! Keep reading to see our latest gorgeous pieces from Lena’s Yard!

I have had an especially difficult time finding clothing for my son that is equally up to his standards of comfort, and my standards of adorable and durable. Both of my children go hard at life from the moment they wake up until their eyes close in sleep, and I really hate buying clothing that I can’t depend on to last. After having had my items from Lena’s Yard for several months now, I can tell you in 100% confidence, every single item from her shop has proven to have INCREDIBLE durability, lasting through mud puddles, park trips, chocolate ice cream baths and our general day to day insanity. And literally, could they be ANY CUTER?! I am obsessed! My kids LOVE wearing their rompers, which as I’ve mentioned before, is an extreme compliment coming from my little wannabe nudists. 😉 I also love that these rompers can go from playground to Christmas party, hello versatility! And not to mention, every. single. item from Lena’s Yard is lovingly designed AND handmade by a hard working mama, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather support than that. To add sprinkles to this already gorgeous cake, she even uses end of the line fabric saving gorgeous fabric from the landfull and reducing waste!

These latest rompers have that comfy harem style pant and seat, durable gorgeous (and easy to use!) snaps, and the most incredible quality soft corduroy fabric. (and the details! Ah! Check out those little rolled cuffs! SWOON!) We are in love!

And I still am astounded at how affordable her beautiful line of items is, designed for ages 3 months to 4 years. My husband is in medical school and we operate on a single income budget. That does not mean however that I want to skip on quality for my babies, and with Lena’s Yard, I don’t have to! Not to mention, I know I’ll be able to pass these down to our next little guy because they are such incredible quality. And seriously, could they be any cuter?! Check out Lena’s Yard on her social media and Etsy shop! Links directly below!

Lena’s Yard Etsy Shop

Lena’s Yard Instagram

Lena’s Yard Facebook


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