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Do you all know about the Parks Project organization?! I didn’t until recently, and I am just so excited to have been able to collaborate on a project with them and share with you all! The people behind Parks Project saw a need in the lack of care for our beautiful national parks and took action to change it. And, they are seriously making a difference. (You can read their inspiring story here)! “Each product purchased contributes directly to one of over 30 different conservancies across the USA, providing vital funding for the ongoing care of National Parks.”

In fact, the difference they are making is astounding. (read their stats here!) There are many ways to get involved, (yep, click here). One way is to “WEAR THE PARKS: Celebrate our rad parks with rad goods from Parks Project.” and oh do they have some AWESOME stuff! (I personally have my eye on this Rocky Mountain National Parks ice raglan!)

I received this fleece sweatshirt and this beanie for this collaboration and you guys, I might never take them off. SO. STINKING. SOFT. I mean they’re seriously nice. Softest. Fleece. Ever. And I’ll admit that usually hats drive me crazy but this one I can wear all day and forget it’s there. For real. So comfy!

They have all kinds of fabulous clothing items, drinkware, home goods, accessories, literally SO MANY THINGS. And they all directly profit our national parks! You can search by type of item, (such as clothing or accessories) by individual type of item (such as hats and beanies or jewelry and accessories), or by national park.

Please check them out and share! They’re making an incredible difference and are such a worthy cause to support! #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit #radparks #findyourpark

Parks Project Website

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