10 Fantastic Toddler Educational Toys for under $20!

As you might know if you’re following along with us, I am a HUGE fan of play based learning and love engaging and power packed educational toys. I have a few requirements for toys: I want them to be sturdy, provide a multiplicity of play/education options, have longevity of use (meaning, the toy grows and evolves with them!) and I also don’t want them to break the bank.

For me, play based learning toys entail a wide range of things, from a play kitchen they’re getting for their THIRD birthday this week (don’t get me started I’ll bawl), to smaller toys like I’ve listed below to something as easy as homemade playdough (here’s my post on that if you haven’t seen it yet). I’ve been slowly putting together the play kitchen over the last few months and will share that in a post soon as well, I am just insanely excited about it. But back to the list below. These educational toys have proven to be long lasting and both my kiddos are huge fans. I love watching them use each toy in different ways. We have a section in our converted garage-turned-family-room where I keep all of these types of toys/educational items and we can pull bins out one or two at a time. (this is also one of our homeschool areas and recent renovations, yep, I’ll be sharing that in a future post).

So, without further ado, ten of our personal favorite educational toys all under $$20!

Mighty Molecules

Alphabet Alligators 

Stacking Geometric Blocks

Alphabet Acorns

Counting Cows 

Magnetic Tiles 

Bristle Blocks 

Color Sorting Bears 

Sorting Bee Hive

Sorting/Building Peg Board 

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