5 Easy Ways to Go Green while Saving Time and Money

Happy Monday friends! As you know, I’m all about saving where I can AND making our lives easier, and I’m also passionate about taking good care of our planet. I cloth diapered the twins and will cloth diaper our new baby when he comes, and I have also learned a few easy tricks over the years that save us time and money on a daily basis. I’ve included a couple items you can get from Amazon, and a few lifestyle tips that have really helped us.

Besides saving time and money, they also help us minimize our environmental impact AND improve the health of our family, so I want to share them with you! I hope they’re helpful!



  1. Bento Boxes

These have LEGIT been a lifesaver for sending my hubby lunches and packing the twins snacks. I LOVE THEM. They are truly watertight, you can heat them, they wash easily, and they’re super space efficient (as in, they fit into my hubby’s already jam-packed backpack). Seriously, they are worth every. single.penny. I got one with a cooler pack and then the pack of two, and I can pack up to three hubby lunches at once and have them ready to go in the fridge. Usually I load one up while serving dinner. Bam.

With Cooler Pack: (this pack keeps my hubby’s lunch cool WITHOUT a cooler pack for hours, impressive I think).

Set of Two: (these fit perfectly into the cooler pack above).

2. Reusable Snack Bags

I really love these. I’ve had them for years and they are SO easy to clean and they’re insanely durable. We use them for stroller rides, car rides, playing in the yard, errands, literally every day for a million different things. I pack sandwiches, fruit, popcorn, both wet and dry food and snacks work wonderfully.

3. Reusable Water Bottles and Drinking Cups

This one may seem like a no brainer, but it’s shockingly easy to find yourself consuming a surprising amount of drinks from disposable containers. More than anything, the stats regarding plastic leeching into drinks are worth investigation (check out this article for one source).

My biggest challenge has been finding cups and bottles for my littles that don’t leak AND can be thoroughly cleaned (mold is fast and sneaky people!). We LOVE our Camelbak kiddo water bottles, they’re easy to clean and actually completely disassemble, and you can buy cheap replacement parts (for example, when my daughter chewed through her mouthpiece I got two replacement pieces on Amazon for $8 or $9). Our fav sippy cups have been from Lifefactory. I purchased mine at a local Natural Grocers and they have been dropped, tossed and otherwise abused and no cracks. They are not spill proof, but they don’t leak quickly. We love them. (Ps…yes, Arabella is covered in paint here. How else to spend a gorgeous fall afternoon?!)

4. Household Products

I LOVE using DIY household items, (like bubble bath and tooth powder, and I will share recipes for some of my favorites soon!) but the facts are I simply do not have the time to make EVERYTHING. And I am extremely passionate about not using toxic chemicals to clean my home, especially since I now have little ones running amok and getting into everything. When you have a moment, this is a fantastic article to read on the effects chemicals can have on our bodies and environments. A membership to a clean household products company such as Melaleuca, Norwex, etc. is a LIFESAVER. They’re way more budget-friendly, arrive straight to your door, and depending on the company are super environmentally friendly. And bonus is you get to support someone else who is trying to live clean and provide for their family! We use Melaleuca and actually have since I was a child. We save A TON on detergent, bathroom cleaners, etc. Norwex is also fantastic. I recommend them both highly.

5. Wholesale Grocery Store Membership

Obviously shopping organic is both green AND incredibly better for our health but it isn’t always cheap. That’s where a wholesale membership to a place like Costco or Sam’s Club comes in handy. We quite literally save hundreds of dollars a month by shopping at Costco. And while it seems like a time investment, (hello, hauling toddlers around a mega store!) it saves us so much time in the long run. I knock out many, many trips to the store in one trip. The $55 membership fee pays for itself before I’ve even completed the first trip. We even get gas there. I find organic fruit, veggies, honey, coffee, and everything from staples like pasta (we are Italian 😉 ) to “fancy” items like protein bars (sometimes I make homemade Clif bars, sometimes I buy a giant box!).

What are some of your favorite go green time and money saving tips? I’d love to hear them below! <3


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  1. Reusable snack bags are the best! My son has one that my friend’s mom made for him. He will carry it around and there’s only a 50/50 shot of him dumping it out. (versus 100% with a bowl. *eye roll*)

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