Lena’s Yard-beautiful handmade baby and toddler clothing

**Please note, this is not a sponsored post! I personally found Lena’s Yard and fell so in love with her beautiful work I asked her permission to feature her shop on my blog, which to my delight, she said yes!**

Hello sweet mamas! As you know, I LOVE supporting small businesses and especially hard working mamas, and I am VERY excited to share my latest absolute favorite small shop/mama made find! Please allow me to introduce you to…Lena’s Yard! I have been searching high and low to find toddler clothing I loved, and I’ve been having a really terrible time finding clothing for my son that was comfortable, adorable, and within my budget. After looking and looking, I was beyond thrilled to find Lena’s Yard, a beautiful mama owned, handmade shop in Worcester, United Kingdom.

While I wanted to buy the entire shop, I promptly ordered four rompers and a set of bibs and wrote the owner of the shop, Stacey, who works from her home all while caring for her adorable daughter, Lena. She is as lovely as the beautiful clothes she designs and makes! She has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, and I know you will fall in love with her beautiful designs.

The clothing I ordered arrived promptly and beautifully wrapped, and I put it to the true test…having my toddler twins wear them. I was immediately struck not only by the incredible quality of the fabric, but the impeccable workmanship in each piece of clothing. The rompers were insanely easy to dress my wiggly little toddlers in too, I literally slipped and snapped and boom, they were dressed. The truest test of all though, was dressing Harry. Now, Harry would be 10000% content to live in a nudist colony and never wear clothes. Finding clothes he will tolerate has been an extraordinary challenge. I slipped him into his polka dot romper, and…HE SMILED. He didn’t ask for it off, he smiled, and then started jumping happily around the room. Needless to say, I was THRILLED. Beyond thrilled.

These rompers are a genius design. Cuffed at the bottom, (no falling down on feet and tripping them!) roomy in the seat, (no binding or pinching, and cloth diaper friendly!), soft, cozy, breathable, I’m sold. Stacey makes all manner of beautiful items and I cannot wait to try them all. Make sure to check out her Etsy shop and follow her Facebook page and Instagram!


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