A Few Favorite Things-Summer 2018

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Alright friends, I put together a few things that I am really loving right now, and most are suitable whether you’re pregnant or not (I’m all about longevity of use!). As always, they’re super budget friendly AND these are even Amazon prime. I hope they’re helpful and you enjoy! <3

Super Comfy and Versatile T Shirt Dress

I just LOOOVE this dress. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. You can wear it plain or do a million things with it. It works now for summer, and I’ll be able to dress it up for fall. It comes in a zillion different colors, is super affordable, hangs really well, is insanely soft, and can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. #win

Long Maxi Maternity Wrap Dress

This dress was loaned to me by a super sweet mama in one of my Facebook mama groups for me to wear on a date with my hubby. I LOVE it and am definitely getting my own. It comes in beautiful prints, is super comfy and is another one that will work before, during, and after pregnancy. I wore it on a date with my hubby and even got compliments from random strangers! Woohoo!

Earth Mama Belly Butter and Oil

With the twins, I used a different belly oil, and it was fine, but it didn’t smell so great, was super greasy and didn’t absorb very quickly at all. I ain’t got no time for waiting for my belly to dry this pregnancy, and so I tried Earth Mama. I’m so glad I did, I am LOVING it. Both butter and oil absorb very quickly, don’t have strong smells, and kill the itch immediately. I use the butter in the morning and the oil at night! A little goes a long way too!



Essential Oil Diffuser

As you probably know, my family and I use and love Young Living oils, but our lovely diffuser gave out and I needed a quick (cheap!) fix. I tried this tiny but mighty little diffuser and I am SO happy I did! It works like a charm, is super easy to clean, and at $15.99 a pop it’s easy to get a few for different rooms in the house. It also gives off a soft comforting light which is perfect for a nightlight for my kiddos (and has a TON of light color options). I love it.

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