Summer 2018 Lloyd Family Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post, as you know if you follow my Instagram we are joyfully expecting our third little one and I won’t lie, the all day sickness coupled with chasing our twin toddlers (and a few other circumstances) has been a wee bit intense. But, thank goodness I am feeling better lately. I thought it was high time for an update, we have some pretty major changes happening around here and I am excited to share them. So, I am actually sitting here in the early morning hours with a blissful cup of tea, (coffee has been repugnant to me lately, tragedy, I know), a sleeping twin in my lap, (they don’t fit nearly as well as they used to😭), and there is even a lovely drizzling rain outside. SO cozy. And I don’t even feel like puking! Hooray! Anyway, updates…

As I’ve mentioned in the past, we currently live with my loving patient parents. When Brian started medical school, they welcomed us into their home with open arms. We chose to live here for a while, as our alternative would be for me to work more than full time, and I did not want to face barely squeaking by due to paying childcare and thus never seeing my precious, much desired babies. It’s a commute for my husband, but he takes the bus and studies and we both agree this is best for our family at this time. Sacrifices are made by everyone in this house, and I am still working, (teaching and a small business), but this way it’s not seven days a week and my family can watch the twins, which is something I am eternally grateful for.

That being said, it’s a cozy situation, to put it mildly. We currently have seven people, six cats, a dog, and two tanks of fish living in a two bedroom home. We vacuum A LOT. We’ve been through SO many attempted plans to expand or change our living area. We have looked into modulars, tiny homes, renovating my parents outbuilding, adding on rooms, the list goes on, we’ve talked and made plans and tried to make something happen. But, it’s been falling through every. single. time. due to some serious complication or the other (med school budget is limiting, for one thing), and I’ll admit to having cried a few tears of frustration. But, with the new baby arriving around Christmas this year, (yes, I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about a Christmas time baby), the shnizzle got real. We are currently all four in one bedroom, and the thought of trying to add a newborn to the already noisy mix has been giving me MASSIVE anxiety.

And so, we sat down with actual numbers, said some serious prayers, and made a fail proof, financially exact plan to partially renovate my parents home. We are turning part of the garage into a QUIET, twin free office space for my husband, complete with a locking door. He literally survived, (not to mention honored) his entire first year of medical school studying in a corner of a room, that’s dedication ya’ll. The other part of the garage will become a family room with a laundry area in a corner. The current family room will become my parents bedroom (don’t worry, I promise they’re getting a door bless their dear hearts), and we are taking over their bedroom and turning it into a twin bedroom/playroom. Yes, I’ve been Pinterest pinning like crazy. I AM SO EXCITED. I’m in love with Montessori themed kiddo rooms and I admit I have their new room planned down to the inch! One thing about pregnancy, my usual drive to organize and plan turns into a hyper obsessed NEED to have all the details locked down and action taken. We will also (FINALLY) redo the Pithole Kitchen (thank the good Lord above for Ikea and scratch and dent sales).

And, I will admit, my heart desperately needs this change. As incredibly grateful as I am to my parents for graciously sharing their home, (and I am NOT oblivious to the tremendous sacrifice they are making!), it has been really, really difficult to not have a home to call my own. Add to that, it hit me pretty hard lately what our life is going to be like for quite some time. A couple weekends ago my husband was gone at an MD/Ph.D conference in the mountains for four days. Due to his medical school schedule, he is gone quite a bit, but for whatever reason the realization really hit home this time. There will be many times over the next 8-ish years (MD/Ph.D), that he is gone. While many families are having weekends together, ours will be apart. Bathtime is something I will continue to do alone. We are extremely careful to make special efforts to make the time we do have together count, and I am grateful, but the facts are, it’s still hard. This renovation project will give us all a little more space, and make it easier for us to enjoy those early morning coffees/late night snuggle talks, not to mention help his study efforts and thus hopefully lessen his stress level (and hence, mine).

So! If you’re interested in following along with a crazy medical school twin plus one on the way family (I mean who doesn’t want to see a super pregnant woman wielding a hammer😂) please join us as we do some pretty major renovations, and welcome to our joyous chaos! 😉




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