Summer Fun Toddler Bargain Finds at Target

My mom and I went to Target the other day to get some water bottles for the twins, just water bottles and maybe some water shoes. Of course, Target pulled it’s usual Hotel California and we emerged weeks later, with grey hair, tired eyes and just a feeeew more things than I originally intended. BUT, I don’t feel bad because I found some AMAZING deals, amazing enough I have to share them with you.

Let us first visit the dollar section, because the TARGET DOLLAR SECTION IS GOLD. Really though. Gold.

Sand Toy Buckets

At $3 a piece, these are an even better deal than the dollar store.

Toy trucks and diggers

Also $3 a piece, my kiddos both love them and they’re surprisingly sturdy. I also love that I won’t care if one meets an early demise from intense sand activity or being taken to the park or beach, because, #threedollars.

Canvas tote bags

You guessed it, $3 a piece and also sturdy. I got them each one to use for pool, boating, and traveling this summer.

Ok we are now leaving the dollar section for the outdoor section (with the life vests, kiddie pools, etc) but fear not, this mama has remained cheap, and first a quick stop for hats…


Harry’s was $3.99 and Arabella’s was $7. They love them. They wear them. Effective sun blocking. I’m happy.

Arm Floaties

Speedo and $4.99 a set, I love that they fit my kiddos tiny little arms and didn’t cost, well, an arm. My littles already have a selection of life vests, but if you’re in need, they have those too.

Water Shoes

Speedo brand again. $15.99, nice rubber soles, sturdy construction, comfy cushioned insoles, quick drying mesh, and I won’t cry when they can only wear them a couple months.


I don’t drop money on unplanned toys frequently, but this one was too good to pass up. $34.99 for basically our own little water park?! Um yes please! It will pay for itself in two weeks! Also, my daughter is head over heels in love with the cute little blowup monkey. Easy to assemble and disassemble, I don’t regret this purchase a bit. (big shoutout to my dad for his genius use of the shop-vac as a pump! #grampyforthewin). My children are OBSESSED. And I could watch their joy for hours. I would buy this again. #worthit

**I cannot find the exact pool online, it might only be available in the store, but here is a link for a very similar one-Pirate Splash pool  and  here is an also very similar pool for the same price on Amazon

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