Introducing…Wonder Wear from Gracie Diaper!

Hello beautiful mamas! I am SO excited to introduce you today to the latest from Gracie Diaper….Wonder Wear training pants for your little ones! I LOVE these and so do my kiddos! Easy to pull up and down, (my two year old can do it all by himself!) effective, and not to mention SO comfortable and cute! They’re insanely affordable as well. I cannot say enough good things about these incredible training pants, they provide protection while simultaneously helping little ones be aware of accidents.

A little about Wonder Wear from Grace Cochran, creator and founder of the Gracie Diaper line:

“I am so excited to finally present these new potty trainers to you. They are just like “big girl or big boy” undies but with added protection for accidents. The undies are made up of a super soft, stretchy cotton spandex with a hidden waterproof PUL liner, organic cotton inner, and topped with a super soft bamboo. These are modestly cut, so no cheeky undies. (mom pet peeve here) Trainers are not like diapers. They will contain small accidents but encourage “feeling wet” so little one learns cause and effect. Match fun prints with your child’s personality to encourage excitement and independence…”

– Grace, creator and founder of Gracie Diaper


And I have never seen underwear (especially for toddlers!) with such an exceptional fit. They do not crawl, bind or creep, even on my super active little dude, even through gymnastics class. They will absorb an accident, but will let your little one realize they are wet, which helps their awareness. I have seen incredible results with my little ones from wearing these! And mamas I am ALL about streamlining the potty training process! <3

They also fit exceptionally well under clothing and are SUPER easy to wash.

Not to mention they’re incredibly affordable, starting at $10 these will save you so much money!

I absolutely love this new line, it has changed our potty training game radically! I can’t wait to hear what you all think! <3 (scroll for more patterns and then click Gracie Diaper or any picture to shop!)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: each Gracie trainer or diaper is made with love and is limited edition print, so there are limited quantities of each fabric! Don’t worry if the one you love sold out as she always has fresh new adorable prints coming in!


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4 thoughts on “Introducing…Wonder Wear from Gracie Diaper!”

  1. I am still trying to convince my three year old to start using the toilet. She won’t tell me when she needs to go and i’m stumped on how often I should be putting her on the toilet to keep it consistent. Ugh, potty training is killing me. I’m ready to just get her to put on undies and let her have her “accidents”.. i’m just dreading the clean up part. I love the print of these undies.. they’re super cute. I know my three year old would totally love those unicorn ones. 🙂

    1. Mama I TOTALLY feel you! My little girl is the same!They’ll get it, we will survive (I think?? Hahahah) Hang in there and BIG hugs! <3

  2. So cute!! Can these replace going from diapers to pull-ups or are they meant to be a next step? I will definitely keep them in mind when we get to potty training time.

    1. Hey girl! Yes they can replace pull-ups! They will hold small accidents, but will feel wet so the kiddo notices they’ve gone. They’ve replaced pull-ups for us! I looooove them! Harry can use them by himself which is so helpful!

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