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Hello lovelies! I am SOOO excited to share about this amazing mama daughter market with you today, Maddie Mack Market! Owned and operated by an amazing mama and two daughters trio, Maddie Mack Market hand makes the most beautiful, quality and trending accessories at prices that will literally blow you away! (earrings average $5-10 a piece! Say WHATTTTTT!!!!) Seriously. I want to buy everything they make and I CAN. I am embarrassed to admit I pretty much stopped wearing earrings when the twins were born, and then I recently remembered the fun I was missing! Pop one of these beautiful earrings on from Maddie Mack Market and BOOM instant confidence and happy boost! My earrings arrived from Maddie Mack Market in the cutest little package stating happy mail and goodness are they right! I LOOOVE my vegan faux leather earrings from them and I literally can not wait to get them ALL. Maddie Mack Market has the perfect accessories to pop on and turn your day around whether you’re sitting drinking coffee, chasing kids drinking coffee, headed to the grocery store or out for date night! I can’t wait to see what you all get! <3

A little bio on Maddie Mack Market:

“Maddie Mack Market is operated by two daughters and a mom. They call themselves the M&M girls and enjoy spending time together making beautiful memories as they create items and earrings that are fun to wear. The name Maddie Mack is a combination of the girls names Madison and Mackenzie. They may or may not eat a few M&Ms while they are designing! They love to make others happy through their designs and feel that everyday is a day worth celebrating!”

Click pictures below to shop my choices directly or click here to check out their entire gorgeous market! I can NOT wait to hear what you all find!

Click below to shop Maddie Mack Market and follow their social channels!

Maddie Mack Etsy Shop

Maddie Mack Instagram

Maddie Mack Facebook

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