Relaunch Sneak Peak! Aka, a little more on what to expect in the future from this blog

Happy Tuesday friends! As you know if you read my previous post, I am relaunching The Mama Playbook and changing some things. I talked a little bit about why, but I want to share more about what to expect after the relaunch! As I mentioned, I’ll be sharing a lot more about what it’s like to be a medical student’s wife (hint…it ain’t like being a doctor’s wife 😉 ). I’ll also be more organized and specific in my posts (ahhhhh my OCD heart skips a beat at those words alone!) Below I have the concepts and categories (is that a weird word to use?!) that will be part of this blog’s relaunch. And last but not least, I want to hear from YOU. What do you want to see more of in this blog? Drop a comment or send me a message! I truly care and want to hear! <3 Now, below I’ve listed some of the changes I’ll be making as of the relaunch!

Medical School Life

I’ll be sharing our personal journey, stories, and ways we’ve found (or are finding!) to cope, as well as things that did NOT work, some of the reasons why this journey is hard and how we’re finding strength as a married couple and family.

Twin Updates

I “fell of the wagon” with this last year, much to my personal disappointment. While I am excited to share more about my cuties, I also want to be able to look back and remember these times. (and my memory these days…coffee only does so much ya’ll!). I will also be homeschooling my kiddos, and am BEYOND excited to share that journey with you all. We’ve recently started doing more focused educational activities, and I will be sharing tools I find that work for us as well (for example like this post).

Photographic Content

This is a pretty important sneak peak! In the past, I have hesitated to get too “crazy” with my content, opting for more straight up real life captures and restricting my creativity on the premise of “keeping it real”. Now, I’ll still be keeping it real with you all, that will never change! But my soul thrives on creating, and years ago before husband or children I delighted in using creativity to turn the ordinary into beauty in a photograph. As this blog is my personal creative outlet I am so excited to start bringing you all a whole new level of creative content. You see, I read recently how important it is for medical school spouses to have creative outlets and really, that was the go ahead I needed to take this blog’s level up, I hope WAY up. Which leads me to my next creative outlet….

Beauty and Style

If you read this post from a while back, you know that I am in pursuit of not only embracing my own personal self as a woman and finding my confidence, but striving to help other women see their own beauty too. So, while I don’t have money to spend on high fashion (yeah… med school…) I feel passionate about learning to feel confident in my own skin AND not feel guilty for dressing and taking care of myself well. You guys, I realized the leggings I was wearing the other day are literally ten years old. Leggings. Which is fine, but these have a hole in the butt and I’ve been wearing long shirts to compensate. Ummmm yeah cause the Lord wants me to wear raggedy clothes all the time, that’s living in abundance (eye roll).

SO, after the relaunch, I will be focusing on featuring AFFORDABLE fashion choices for us mamas. (remember thrifty chic mama? It’s about to get a major facelift and get real up in here!) As you may also know, I’m currently pursuing my makeup artist certification (I have six weddings booked as of now over the next few months!) and discovered last year my passion for makeup artistry. My heart thrives on seeing other woman stand taller and realize their own beauty. Not because we need makeup to be beautiful, but because sometimes we need someone to SHOW us that we are indeed beautiful. So not only will I be featuring affordable fashion, I will be featuring makeup tutorials that are EASY, doable, and applicable to those of us who don’t always wear peacock brows and tiger lips. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, and I am sure I will occasionally do something crazy and fun!) but my heart in this part of my blog is to make feeling fashionable and put together attainable for those like me, the average every day mama. This will include things like color matching, how to tell your skin tone, skincare tips and tricks, and problem resolution for skin woes and makeup faux’s (pas). 😉


As you probably have heard me mention a zillion times, my soul thrives on organization and efficiency. I am the first to admit I can be a ROYAL hot mess and not always organized or efficient, but having twins has forced me to up my game or we would never go anywhere or get anything done. Add to that I live in a two bedroom home with five adults, two kids, six cats, a dog and some fish, and let’s just say our home is currently getting a massive organizational overhaul so we don’t all end up going literally insane. I am so excited to share what I’ve learned/am learning along the way and hopefully help simplify your lives too!

Mom Life

Once in a while, my Italian heart and Irish soul wax emotional and I must pour the feelings out. Sometimes, I get on a soap box. Sometimes, I go off on a rant. I shall be putting these posts into a section entitled, Mom Life.

Things I Love

Last but not least, I will continue to do product reviews of things I truly love and want to share with you all, I have never featured anything I am not passionate about and that will always be my promise to you. If I say it’s good, it’s because it’s REALLY good. This will include a constantly updated page of my favorite places to shop. 🙂

I’m so excited to launch this new chapter and so honored to share with you all! <3 xo

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