5 Amazing and Affordable Educational Toddler Things from Amazon Prime

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Jumbo Sorting and Counting Bears

Not only are my kids obsessed with the cute little brightly colored bears, I LOVE how easy this activity makes it to teach colors and sorting. The colorful and flexible muffin cups are easy to keep clean, and the colors are easily distinguished from each other (For this age, I hate matching games that are vague!)

Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set

These color coded (can you tell we’ve been working on colors!) large size screws are easy enough for toddler hands to work with but challenging enough to make it interesting. My little guy is so into all things tools or machine, and he’s been having a blast with these.

Petite Feet Dance Videos

My kiddos are in gymnastics classes (and LOVE it) but actual dance classes don’t typically accept toddlers until three years of age (and for good reason I will admit). However my little girl especially LOVES mimicking movement and my son will literally dance to the rhythm of me stirring my coffee, so I was super excited to find these adorable videos. Liz Vacco is easy to follow (and not annoying to listen to on repeat haha). You can rent it for a week online for $1.99 or buy it outright for $20.00. I bought it as my little ones LOVED it and I see us using it for a long time. (at least until they’re old enough to do class while mommy watches on the side with coffee 😉 )

Magnetic Building Blocks

At $34, these were an investment I carefully considered (ever bought that perfect expensive amazing educational toy and then they played with it once and never looked at it again? Yeah). But I would buy these again and again. My kiddos are fascinated with these and literally play with them every day. Depending on the set you get, some come with little wheels, so I recommend removing those before handing it over, (if your kids are like mine and still put way too many things in their mouths).

Green Toys Tea Set

Really, I have loved everything I’ve ever gotten from the Green Toys line. Their products are sturdy, engaging, easy to clean, and multi purpose. I had originally brought home a tiny tea set from the dollar store and when my little ones became obsessed with using it for actual food consumption, I panicked at the thought of them ingesting lord knows what from the potentially toxic dollar store tea set and bought this one. It. Is. Amazing. We use it for pretend, for tub time, for breakfast time (everything tastes better out of a tea cup obviously). It is food safe and so kid friendly. I have a ferry tub toy coming this week from Green Toys and am so excited, I will report on it once we try it out.

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