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I was recently contacted by Tommy John and given the opportunity to review their advanced and innovative men’s line. After checking out their website and what their company is about, I jumped on the chance for my hubby to experience this new no bunching underthings company. He was a little hesitant (largely in part to him knowing I was going to force a picture sesh haha) but also because he’s been a strict no boxer briefs ever kind of guy, due to, well, the pinching and bunching. He somewhat resistantly chose the Go Anywhere Boxer Brief and the Essential Second Skin V Neck Tee. However, after just a few moments of wearing them when they arrived, he said these were very different than any other underwear he has ever worn. After wearing them for a day, he asked me to buy him more. (Seriously ya’ll,  coming from a guy that won’t EVER let me buy him new underwear that is HUGE. I almost fell over). In typical man fashion, I have a succinct list of pros from him as to why he loves wearing his new shirt and briefs from Tommy John, and now plans on building his own Tommy John collection. (click names below to see which products Brian tested!)

Go Anywhere Boxer Brief Pros:

-side seams on boxers

-fabric is super soft

-don’t climb, bind or pinch

-don’t restrict movement, no readjusting needed

Second Skin Essential V Neck Tee Pros:

-super soft



-light weight

-easy to layer with

In short, we HIGHLY recommend Tommy John. In addition to amazing products, they’ve been beyond fabulous to work with. Here’s to all your other halves having comfortable, well, down theres/up theres/ and in betweens!



**I received free product in exchange for this review, however as ALWAYS all opinions are my own (or rather for this one, my hubby’s! 😉 )**

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