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Hellloooo beauties! As you know from my Instagram the other day, I had to emergency cancel and redo a makeup tutorial due to sudden toddler nudity. (Clothes are for the BIRDS these days in my household apparently…!) ANYWAY. I redid and here they are, four super easy and quick makeup tutorials: one for flawless airbrushed looking skin (easiest thing you’ll ever do too!) a subtle ultraviolet smoky eye, (in honor of the Pantone Institute declaring ultraviolet the color for 2018!) easy beautiful brows, and some super fun winter perfect lips! I really hope you enjoy them!!! <3 BUT KEEP READING…I have something super exciting to share and then check out the tutorials below!

**EDITED TO ADD: while this sign up special has expired, you can STILL sign up with ZERO startup cost, and let me tell you there is NOTHING you will regret about giving this opportunity a chance! Ask me the details!**

What’s exciting? WELL let me tell you, because I would truly be remiss and even selfish to not let ya’ll know about an opportunity (valid THIS MONTH ONLY) to sign up for SeneGence FOR FREE. Yep. You read that right. Signing up is usually $55, (which is insanely cheap anyway), but for January ONLY when you sign up for $55 you immediately get $55 retail product credit AND your discount membership, which means discounts from 20% to 50% off on the best most effective skincare and makeup you’ll ever find. I mean you literally have nothing to lose. L i t e r a l l y. No tricks, no minimums, no monthly required orders, no hidden nothing. It’s really that simple.

How does $355 of free product sound? This is no joke ya’ll, watch this video if you’re interested at all or email me at and I will answer any questions you have 100% honestly. (You KNOW I keep it 100% real with you all 100% of the time!) If you’ve ever considered buying any product, do this. I have amazing ladies who have signed up for personal use, some who are using it for a side hustle, and then some like me, who have been able to QUIT other jobs and do this as a career. (Home with my babies is what I want so I am SO thankful, and no you don’t have to be saleswoman of the year to be successful with this). Also, no one will pressure you to sell if you don’t want to. Really, it’s true.

Email me, comment, or use the contact form below with any questions!


Now, I truly hope you enjoy these tutorials, and I hope even more to be able to see you enjoy more of these products, they’ve truly changed my life as a mama and I LOVE love love being able to share the blessing! <3 xo!

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