Blue Lips and White Skies

IT IS SNOWING YOU GUYS! I am sooooo SO stinkin’ excited, it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas! Well here you go lovelies, who knew I’d fall in love with sparkly navy blue lips?! Not me haha! But oh my goodness I have. My top I found at a thrift store and is an easy style to track down, but I did link a similar top. The skirt is actually a very old dress of mine but I linked a skirt just like it (and it’s a whopping $11.99…..hello deal!) The plaid ruana is on sale for the next 19 hours only for $18.99. And 1000000% worth it if you ask me! Who doesn’t need a wearable blanket that’s socially acceptable for special occasions?! My darling sister Tria shot these photos, I had to resist the urge to just stand outside all day taking pics, I mean THERE ARE ACTUAL SNOWFLAKES in these! But…naptime for babies called, and who am I to resist naptime with hot chocolate and SNOW FALLING. Ok enough caps for today I will stop now promise. Happy almost Christmas lovelies! <3 xo

Ruana: click here

Shirt: click here

Boots: click here

Skirt: click here

Lips: Limited Edition T.E.A.M.Wicked LipSense, click here to order via my Facebook group (comment or message me) or use the contact form below.

Email me here to order Limited Edition T.E.A.M.Wicked lip color or to just say hi! 🙂



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