Why I Choose Gracie Diaper-The Best Cloth Diapers

Lovely mamas, I am so incredibly excited to share the latest updates with you on the Gracie Diaper All in One. Every time Grace does another update I am blown away that she made her already perfect diapers even better. Check out the amazing updates and then please enjoy our video below on why I choose Gracie Diaper!

















As you can see, they added additional organic cotton and Zorb to further enhance absorbency. I used to think this was the perfect overnight diaper…but somehow she worked her magic and it is even MORE PERFECT. Literally, NO LEAKING whatsoever. I admit I have started reusing pajamas because they remain COMPLETELY DRY. My babies are soooo happy in these diapers, it melts my heart to see their smiles because they love the prints and are so comfortable!

The snapping system is more efficient and adaptable than ever. Even my twins have very different body types and I am able to adapt each diaper to fit them perfectly.

As always, the stitching is incredibly perfect and the attention to detail is beautiful. And, I used to think Grace had the best prints, but this is a whole new world of adorable prints. Just take all my money now please. Speaking of which, because Grace is amazing she has generously given me a discount code to use for my readers, use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK10 for 10% off! Watch our video below and then click here to shop!

PS…yes! Those are potty trainers in my video! My son started potty training himself very early and if you buy one thing in your life while potty training let it be these potty trainers. They are LIFE CHANGING.

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