Let’s Talk Self Care

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Mama Robin

Robin Lloyd lives with her husband, boy/girl twins, and their three cats in Colorado. Robin graduated with a BM in piano performance from Lamont at University of Denver and runs her own piano studio, Lloyd Music Studios. She loves being a mommy more than any job she's ever had before.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Self Care”

  1. How well I can think back and remember those umm….’empty cup’ moments of parenting & I fully believe it would be a very unusual parent who did NOT experience this. You’re very wise to recognize the need to re-fill when it’s available and/or needed.
    I was like you Robin… early on in parenting….finding it hard/difficult to ask for help. And, looking back now, I believe for me, I viewed it as an admission that I was perhaps ‘less than’ when asking for help because I was admitting I ‘needed’ something that I was apparently unable to provide for myself.
    A lovely and dear friend helped me with that…I was aware of the ‘giving/receiving’ principle but didn’t view it in the arena of ‘asking for help’. That is, until this friend explained that ‘in asking for help, you’re providing an opening for another to give…..and in so doing, not only will YOU be blessed by getting the help and a little filling of the cup that is desired, but the one GIVING also receives blessing(s) because of their giving heart. That really changed my perspective!
    You’re so wonderfully expressive and I feel very sure many others find your voice and words a beautiful oasis in this thing called life.

    1. Thank you, both for sharing your beautiful heart and this perspective, I love this. You are so incredible and I am so thankful for you, your support and sharing your wisdom! I love you so much!

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