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**Disclaimer: Sponsored Post, however all opinions are, as always, my very own!**

Alright lovelies, today I am super excited to talk to you about a site called…Zulily! First of all, I have a confession. I am an in the rut shopper. Mom life can be overwhelming and I tend to ‘turtle down’ and go with what has worked in the past as opposed to taking the time to find something better. I know, I know, but I’m trying.

Anyway, I had heard some seriously great things about Zulily but until recently hadn’t really given it a moment to check it out. The family I nanny for has some seriously wonderful quality things, toys, household items, clothes, etc that they got for SUPER cheap and it seemed every time I asked where they found it the answer was Zulily. So, I decided to really take a look. You guys, I was so excited by what I found, excited enough I started messaging my mama friends to see if they too had discovered Zulily. Later that month, much to my delight I was asked to do a review on Zulily for you all, and you know, some things really are meant to be!

One of the fun things about Zulily is you never know what treasures you will find as they have constantly updating sales. You can shop by ‘new today’, (brand new hot sale items!) ‘last chance’ (insanely good deals that are about to go off the site) ‘category’ (clothes, toys, men’s, women’s, kid’s, back to school, etc) or ‘size’. And what I love is you will find truly quality products at incredibly affordable prices, that are delivered TO YOUR DOOR. For this thrift store shoppin’ mama, that is pretty darn exciting.

Check out a few examples of what I found there this week! (did it sell out? Don’t worry they have tons of other stuff! I am seriously excited to hear what you all find!)

My husband is hard to shop for, he really is. He doesn’t like to spend money on himself and he has particular taste, so I was thrilled to find a high quality pair of athletic shoes for a steal!

My kids love books, and I love to read to them. This is one of our amazing book finds this week (they have a ton!)
They’re also obsessed with putting objects in and out of things and MAIL. I love Melissa & Doug toys too, so I was super thrilled to find this!
You guys, I have such a weak spot for storage and organization tools. Organization is how I survive, and I LOOVE that these stackable boxes have WINDOWS! Hello to never forgetting what’s inside again!
I am the worst at getting myself new clothes, but when it’s on sale this much and I love it THIS MUCH, ok ok I give.

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