Home Chef Review Part Two-One Skillet Lemon Orzo Risotto

Did y’all know I’m Italian? Well I am, and my mama is as Italian as it gets! So when I saw that the second dish that arrived for us to review from Home Chef was a vegetarian risotto I knew it would be a hit. And it was, especially with my son! (Cue mama happy dance!) We had so much fun making the dish and the video of our awesome experience with Home Chef, please enjoy and make sure to scroll down for more fun info AND an amazing discount available JUST for you!




We love the easy to use and clean binder from Home Chef with step by step directions complete with pictures!







No time spent grocery shopping plus less prep equals more family time! Home Chef literally delivers pre measured ingredients straight to your door!





Super easy to make with fresh healthy ingredients, it turns out beautifully just like the pictures!






Officially baby approved! Shop right here at Home Chef for a special discount of $30 off your first purchase!



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