Best Lipstick! LipSense by Senegence Review

**I received complimentary product for this review however all opinions are my own**

I was so excited when Kerry, a lovely #momboss of two adorable little kiddos, contacted me to see if I would like to do a review on LipSense. I had seen it floating around and was very curious. What was this mysterious product that claimed to last all day? Did it really last and was it like putting poison on your mouth?

To my delight, it really does last and no, it’s not like putting car oil on your skin. Please enjoy my video review which includes a wonderful tutorial by the lovely Kerry (special bonus! Her adorable baby boy makes a guest appearance, mama multi tasking at it’s finest y’all!!) (Make sure to check out more info about LipSense in my written post below as well).

You all, I have been having such a blast with these products. It’s been such fun to put a quick swipe of color on and then go about my day without having to ever worry about it again. Peanut butter, baby kisses, white towels, it makes it through it all and I get to feel a little extra special. (You mamas KNOW how tired we can get to feeling!). And the price cannot be beat, one tube of LipSense is equivalent to FOUR tubes of ‘regular’ lipstick, it will last 4-6 months even with DAILY use, and has a three year shelf life! Now I think that is an amazing deal!

So now you know why I love LipSense! Ready to order??? Me too! 😉 Fill out the contact form below and Kerry will get your order on its way to your doorstep! She also has a fantastic Facebook group, click–> Lip Envy with Kerry Fields to request to join. Find her on Instagram–>Lip Envy with Kerry Fields

As I said, as people we determine what is best for us to use or not use. I made the choice to enjoy LipSense after researching their ingredients and they met my main criteria points: non-GMO (I’ve had a horrible reaction to genetically modified makeup products before!) truly cruelty free (we have the freedom to choose what we put on our skin, lab animals don’t get that choice), vegan, lead free, (you’d be quite shocked how many makeup products contain lead and other toxic metals, including such brands as L’Oreal, Cover Girl and Dior, click here to read more about that!) gluten free (I’ve also reacted to products containing gluten) and they get bonus points for being made in America. I want to add something I personally believe, moderation in everything. Sometimes I will choose to use a product because I have determined the benefit outweighs any negative factor. (A humorous example of that would be going to the grocery store and buying organic produce, I am exposed to various carcinogens from cars, smog, etc but the benefit of attaining good nutritious food outweighs the negative exposure to toxins). Yes, I could go live in a secluded valley away from all humanity and further limit my exposure, but I do not choose to do that. 😉

Click here for a full breakdown on ingredients.


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    Thanks Robin for the review. I have been curious about this brand. So a friend gave you a sample to try, I prefer to try before I buy; do you know if its typical for this brand to do parties? Love your video and Kerry has a great tips and instructions!

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      Hey Amy! I am SO the same way! They definitely do parties and I know Kerry would be thrilled to do one for you! She’s a SWEETHEART you will love doing it with her! She makes it super easy and fun!

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