SnoofyBee Changing Pad Review

img_1538**DISCOUNT CODE AHEAD!! I will only, ONLY ever feature products on my blog that I have personally sought out and use and love. My heart in reviewing products is to be able to test drive them for you mamas, and then if I deem them worthy of your love, I will procure a discount code so you can enjoy them also<3**.

Months ago, I discovered a product called the SnoofyBee and have been wanting to get one ever since. A SnoofyBee is this incredible product that keeps babies hands safely out of their diapers at changing time while simultaneously keeping them entertained. No, I have no idea why I waited this long to get one. Simply put, as I know many babies do, my wee ones each LOVE to turn into a rabid octopus at changing time. Arms, hands, legs and whatever toy is nearby are doomed for a poopy demise. I mean seriously how do they somehow seem to sprout six extra limbs suddenly?! Short of sitting on them I’ve been at a loss as to how in the world to keep them out of the mess at changing time. Clothing, toys, baby and me often get wiped out. But! Enter the SnoofyBee! Mine arrived this week, and all I can say is, HOW DID I EVEN GET THROUGH DIAPER CHANGES before! Mamas, you need this. Dads, you need this. Every parent grandparent aunt and uncle needs this. Seriously, it’s worth every penny and henceforth shall be my go to baby gift (and a cost effective one at that!). Please enjoy my demonstration below, then click here to shop and use code THEMAMAPLAYBOOK for 10% off!!!



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    My issue with changing my son is as soon as he gets on his back he wants to roll over. Do you think this product will help with this?

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      I really do I think you’d love it! Don’t forget to use the discount code! 😀

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    My issue with my son is he rolls over as soon as I put him on his back. Do you think this will help with the issue? He’s 7mths old.

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      Yes Kara I do! My son did the same thing! Which meant a MESS! He can’t roll with this pad!!!

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    Where is the discount code?

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    Hi. Thanks for sharing. Do u know what is the difference between classic and deluxe.i definitely order it.for me change the diapers now its

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      Hi! You are going to love it!! The Deluxe model has all of the features of the classic model but in addition, it has an elastic closure to hold even more diaper supplies inside, it has new smooth Velcro to eliminate wear, and it includes two toy links. 🙂

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    My daughter keeps one on granddaughters changing table and one in diaper bag. She also found if she traps baby hands under the cone it is easy to give baby meds such as eye drops. Great product. Also purchased extra for baby gifts.

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      Sooooo happy your daughter is enjoying it we love it too! Thank you for sharing! <3

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